We have been

Popping up all day!

It felt like a lot of first pitch pop ups today too. Oh well, no one has taken a series from us yet so let’s play one to go to Omaha tomorrow!

I’ve been very, very happy with the season.

That said, I’ve felt that we popped up an inordinate amount of times all season long.

I get that our offense is “built” for home runs. But there are times when a base hit of any kind…or even, a semi-deep fly ball or grounder…will score a key run that we still are swinging away at the fences…and striking out a lot of those times.

Can’t back it up with numbers, but I’ll bet our pop-ups are up this season.

Low hits and grounders in the gaps along with line drives over the heads of the infielders can put a lot of batters on base and move a lot of base runners around the bases…

So will hitting 105+ HR’s in season. We ain’t done yet.

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