We Have Been Waiting

since March for tonight. What will we see. I am sure the team has a lot of work to do and will progress as we go into Jan. Still, they need to post Ws in Nov and Dec. Those matter when early March arrives.

Looking forward to the ride.

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Yes, basketball… happy.

I just hope we don’t get Mercerized like we did a fews years ago in NLR. Blending in a lot of new players, everyone over 6’6 limping around and questionable. It could happen.

This team will get better as the season goes on which is exactly what you want to do.I think tonight will probably be closer than we wan it to be but if everybody’s clicking on all cylinders I think we’ll beat them by 20 +but it’s going to take time to get everybody in sync with their roles

[quote=“youdaman, post:4, topic:46592”]
I think we’ll beat them by 20
[/quote]Those are about the odds, but I wouldn’t take that bet tonight (or this soon).

I think if we were clicking all cylinders. I don’t think we will this early either but I think we have the talent too.

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