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That was a Sweet Sixteen quality game. Lots of talent making plays for 40 minutes on both sides. That first half was reminiscent of the great CNR-Pitino track meets in the 90’s. OU is going to make the tourney with a decent-to-high seed. This win will serve us well in March, and Arkansas will never be accused of a lack of signature win on the road/neutral this season. Nice to get that out of the way but hopefully many more to come.

Yes sir…seems like Mike already has a great feel for the rotations as well. Something that seems to take him a bit to get figured out.

It looked like two underrated teams out there today. Both teams are athletic, skilled and have quality, veteran coaches.

Lot of room for improvement, but still played well. Need to play better man up defense tomorrow. Both teams played pretty good defense the second half.

Just keep improving and they can get there. Gafford will give them a chance along with Gard play.

4th game of the year and a quality opponent, we didn’t have any long scoring lapses, defense stayed solid for most part. Already seeing the depth that MA’s style of play needs.
This is a good veteran team with some young talent mixed in. Now I really want to see some payback against the Tar Heels and I believe this team wants it badly also.


Senior leadership and skill at all positions. Keep working and we will be smiling on Selection Sunday. On another note, that Young kid can play.

I am as excited about Razorback basketball as I have been in a long time. I really think this team is going to have a special year. I honestly believe we will beat the Tar Heels. If we don’t, I think we will bounce back on Sunday and beat the crap out of whoever we play in that game.

I’m so excited about this team. Length, guards, leadership. I hope this is a fun exciting season. Go Hogs

I believe a senior laden team has something to do with that. In the past Mike’s best players left early to the NBA. This is the first time Mike’s best guards stayed, sit back, kick your shoes off and enjoy this season.

Response: I agree the Tar Heels got a whipping coming.


Response: I agree the Tar Heels got a whipping coming.
[/quote]I hope so, but don’t share your confidence yet. I’m afraid that Macon and Barford played too many minutes yesterday to be competitive for 40 minutes against UNC (who didn’t break a sweat yesterday).