We got their best shot from the #2 team in the country -------

--------- they listened to all of the hype about our physical play and great defense (we ARE better at both than in the past), Game Day came to town, and we got their crowd’s best shot as well as their team’s. Surprise, their 4 & 5 star linemen, linebackers, running backs, etc. are bigger, faster, and better athletes than our 2 & 3 star and no-star walk-ons no matter how well they are developed or coached. Our great strength/conditioning folks came from Georgia and brought that caliber off-season program to Arkansas. If you start with bigger, faster, and more talented people, develop them the same, they are going to be better than smaller, slower, and less talented people. The cure is you got to get those type recruits, developed them, coach them, and then you can take the best shot from anybody and punch them back effectively. We ain’t there yet. Give Sam time and we will be. Go Hogs.


Speaking of strength I was super impressed with the YAC of their RBs. Just incredible. Bama is not doing same to OM; they go down somewhat easier.

And I’m not talking about the OL scrums, where they pushed their way forward often for extra yardage.

:+1::+1:. We could not drop their backs “in their tracks”. carried us forward for 2-5 yards… Line of scrimmage was 5 yards downfield for them on offense, on most every play…

God, I couldn’t believe how many times their offense was 2nd down and 3 yards after just a run up the middle in the first half. It was quite a sight to behold.

This game reminded me of when the basketball team played UNLV in Fayetteville, #1 vs #2. The infamous “You need some men!” words of advice from Larry Johnson to Coach Richardson. We all thought we were gonna make a statement against UNLV and they made it look like a walk in the park.

Well, Georgia is primed for a National title run with a bunch of NFL guys all over the field. We have some, but not near enough. We need more playmakers at wr, te, OL, DL & LB. I think we have alot of these guys in the program already or on their way, but when they’re not 5-star studs, it takes a little more time to develop. You can recruit speed in one recruiting class, but big OL & especially DL that can produce and help you win normally take a 2-3 years.

Still loving Coach Pittman! To go from 2-game winner just 2yrs ago to a top 10 matching with Georgia this year just let’s you know the program is in good hands.


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