We got the afternoon game Friday

NCAA.com bracket has us at the 1 p.m. Central on Friday on ESPN3. TCU-Cal is 6 p.m. Central.

DVH probably likes it that way. It’ll hurt the crowd Friday but gives us a little more rest before game 2.

Forecast for Friday, by the way, is sunny, high around 80, with southwest winds becoming northwest in the afternoon. That would be blowing out to dead center field at BWS.

do we not get to decide when we play in our own regional??DVH does like to play early for the rest it gives us. but just curious as does he have a sayso in it?

Yes, he decides, just like he will decide the Sat game times after our Friday game.

He probably got his choice on Friday but you don’t get much say Saturday because of TV, even streaming. We’ll be in the late game if we win, the early game if we don’t. TV will tell us if we start at 6 or 7 or whatever.

DVH likes the opening game to be the Hogs. That way they get more rest, win or lose … AND he gets to scout the following game.

He decides the opening game, but not the start times.

Van Horn asks for the early game every time. The administration two years ago opted to play the night game; the administration the last two years has accepted his request.

There will be a lot of people call in sick Friday to work .