We got some guts

The call on Tate which took potentially 3 points away could have made a lesser team fold

Not these guys


It was the right call on the charge, but why did they review it? What prompts a review? Every foul call could be reviewed.

I don’t think they called a charge. They called a block then upon review said Tate led with his elbow to the head and gave him the foul. Just looked like a normal shot to me. Incidental contact…

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I think they reviewed it for a possible flagrant, with Tate hitting the other guy in the head.

When they review that, they can reverse the block/charge call when they look at it

The officials got the call right. Tremendous effort by our guys in the final two minutes. Mental toughness – going to need it in the tournaments!!

It my opinion it was called a block because you could see the one ref pointing at the floor indicating the player was in the restricted circle. That is reviewable to see if he was in the circle or not and that’s what they did, in my opine and saw he was indeed outside the circle so it was a charge.

I hate to say it but it was the right call. A call I thought would end up costing us the game. I am glad it did not, that could have been a nasty swing there in momentum.

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I counted 5 or 6 moving screens on A&M in the first half which were directly responsible for their hot shooting in the first half. They finally called 1 in the 2nd half. . All year we’ve been able to get around the screener to guard and today we were not coming close and if you watched it was because they were sliding the screen. . . I’ll have to go back and confirm later but it sure seemed that way.

I agree with the first half moving screens by their big men. But, how about JD Notae for the second game in a row with huge steals and I haven’t heard or read in the article about his tremendous screen out and defensive rebound toward the end of the game.
We really locked down on defense the last minute and a half. We won even though A&M made shots they haven’t made all year. Somebody mentioned 4-25 on 3’s last game. A&M played their best and we still beat them, without playing our best. And Tate was phenomenal! And I think it was obvious how spectacular that Moody played.

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I’m glad we won, but that reversal from and 1 to charge on Tate was complete BS. Don’t try to tell me different, because you will never convince me. For the refs to go to the monitor in that situation is ridiculous. If we didn’t have stones the size of boulders, that call could have cost us the game.

Muss pulled the guys together and told them to forget it (he didn’t), go get a stop and a defensive rebound and they did. The defense just got tighter and tighter. A lesser team would have let that swing beat them. Not this team!!

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My broken record statement, but I never get a warm fuzzy feeling when the Hogs go to review, football or basketball.

A block is a block inside or outside the restricted circle. However feet inside the circle would negate a charge call.
So blocking foul was initially called until reviewed (reviewed for what-feet placement or wrong call?)

I felt like watching the play the defender was moving and got set under Tate after Tate was in the air. I did see the ref on the baseline point to the floor and the other ref on the wing was going to call it a charge. That’s was huge. The goal tending was a big call too! The non call on Mosses drive on the baseline was huge too! Tate missing the lay in right at the rim wide open was big too! There’s was so many negative plays that’s it’s still hard to believe they found enough stops to pull out the win.
Moses hit the 3 and the hogs stole old man “MO”!
I hope the hogs can find some magic these next few weeks.

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