We got screwed!!! Big time but Darryl Macon

I love that kid, he is by far my favorite hog in awhile. I knew Darryl was a player , he was just a shooter in 9th and 10th grade, but boy he came on in the 11th and 12th. I remember a game against LR Hall I think in his 12th grade year. And thing go chippy on a inbound, and I heard Darryl say I’m going to bust your a**. Right then I knew this kid was a brawler, didn’t shy from competition, and talk smack and backed it up. Man we are going to miss that kid, he is a dawg. And I love him, everytime he gets the ball I scream come on Little Rock. That is what we need in sports , alittle bit of attitude in them. Give me him in a brawl instead a preppy kid who hasn’t seen adversity. Give me that chip on your shoulder and I’ll show you a kid that wants to win at all cost.