We got out-hustled first half

Who wants this game the most? I thought it would be the hogs.
Plus we need to show more respect to the #1 defense in the sec.

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Can’t play D without fouling, turnovers, getting killed on glass. Very sloppy and uninspired, bunch of divas playing for themselves. Really hope 2nd half proves me wrong.

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Well nobody has accused this team of having great chemistry or playing well together that’s for sure. Definitely not a case of the whole exceeding the sum of its parts. But it sort of feels like beating a dead horse this late in the season. I don’t know what to say. I’m uninspired. But I’m still watching. Hoping it all just clicks in the nick of time and they start playing inspired, selfless, and determined. Man I’m sick of celebrating individual accolades. Whatever happened to caring about winning? Only winning. MJ will always be the only GOAT. Mussleman better show me something. Come on man :basketball:

Also I’m having a hard time believing we are better off with this 6-7 man rotation. Shoot I have a hard time believing our second string doesn’t just totally wear out the first team most practices. This is the most disappointing season in a while. Is it time resurrect the debate about who had a bigger fall from premature top ten ranking, 2022 football or 2022 basketball?

I feared this was coming. Short turnaround. Tired legs. Tough opponent. Hostile environment. Perfect formula for a blowout.

All excuses for out hustled and not tough, pathetic display at wrong time.


Speaking of tired legs… can’t convince me devo, pinion, ford, kamani, and graham isnt the best college basketball team on our roster. I don’t want to hear nothing about the nba draft.


It’s one thing and a very big thing, to recruit and get a 5 star player but it’s a
completely different animal altogether to drive that 5 star recruit to perfection.
NOT saying CM doesn’t have those capabilities. Maybe my expectations were
too high but that’s bc CNR spoiled me and that’s not a bad thing.
And even so, three freshman 5 stars… I was excited like most hog fans.
Freshman have to mature too.

clearly it was Tenn who wanted it more

low energy, unenthusiastic, no sense of urgency at all

most uninspired performance of the season

just really, really disheartening and disappointing

Muss and staff need to dominate in the transfer portal this spring

need seasoned, proven veteran players brought in from the portal to improve the team

My inclinations try to tell me they look like they haven’t practiced but that
surely can’t be true.
And yes, truly Tenn wanted it much much more tonight.

Uninspired effort from a team hoping to make the tournament. Hope it is just lag from Bama effort.

Very possible bushhog
plus this team this year has a habit of losing at least two in a row before they would get back on track.
Hoping we can regain the fire for this coming Sat. senior day against swines

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