We got Miss St to

look forward to after LSU. They beating aTm 21-13 with 2-1/2 mins left.

MSU will be the most physical team we faced all year long their defense is really really good and their offensive lines got some meat eaters who will knock your butt off

MSU plays the game the way it should be played. Their defense will look at our offense and after they get through laughing, will kick their butts black and blue. Their offense will line up and completely maul our defense. They will throw at will, but will not have to unless they want to. They are very, very physical. We don’t even know what the word means, but MSU will teach them what it means. Probably will not need to book a charter home, as they will most all be in the hospital!

Sad - Arkansas and MSU used to be a physical slug fest on both sides. Reminded me of the Arkansas Baylor series in the SWC as it was played late in the year, often times under a grey sky, and the pads were popping.

Oh well - perhaps next year we’ll return to at least some semblance of competitiveness.

Few expect us to win when playing LSU or Mississippi State this year. However, next year we should be better.