we got excatly what we deserved

very poor performance we had no energy most all day and we allowed them to get wide open shots all day and the Fr outplayed Gafford,heck if Sills hadn’t shown up we would have lost by 8-10 pts. Bailey had a big 0 today.maybe they will realize that unless they give 110% they aren’t good enough to beat the better teams.

Bailey zip. Gabe zip. Embery-Simpson Simpson zip. Play Chaney over those two. At least he hustles. Gabe and bailey were pitiful today. At least sills showed up on drives. Anderson got schooled by Stansbury. Just gave a template for how we are going to be stacked and defended the rest of the year.

Joe kept us in it with his 3’s, then 0 from him last 10-12 mins

They quit playing any semblance of team defense. Stay with Joe, stay between Gafford and the basket. No help off those two ever…it’s why we got layups all of a sudden from everyone else. The only play they came off Gafford was the final block.

this team will never be a good 1/2 offense against better defenses.Gafford half the time today had his arms by his side too tired to want the ball i guess,good to see Sills drive to the basket without him ,game is not close

I was hard on Bailey, but he simply had a bad game. He’s been playing well in the other games. And how did Stansbury school Anderson? The stats don’t show that.

Perfect example of an inside player taught to post up and use his body versus our guy playing on natural ability. Arkansas has never had a coach on staff knowledgeable in big man moves and how to play inside. Kingsley never got the training. Portis improved slightly, again getting by on his natural ability. Last drive by Harris is an example…Gafford needed to move away to the opposite side of the lane…stayed right there and his man did not have to do much to block the shot. Simple teaching of inside play.

The other factor that bothers me about Arkansas basketball is the lack of discipline in shot selection by the team. Some guys need to be told to not shoot certain shots…especially threes. Jones and Joe should be the primary three shooters…the others need to role play by doing other things to help the team. They get a false sense of confidence when they hit their shots one game and then can not shoot well for the next three games.

Nice play at the end of the game…

Please stop repeating this falsehood.

This is no more and no less than a loss to a very talented but young basketball team. They will rebound from this. The real test starts in January. Better they learn what can happen now when they don’t play with energy, don’t play team defense, & don’t run the offense inside out.

I don’t have a dog in this hunt do to speak but what falsehood are you talking about Sir ? WPS

The short answer is he has no merit in questioning the training of the big men that have come to Arkansas. We’ve had 3 successful big men that came here because of Anderson and he trained them all well. Portis from freshmen to sophomore year was night and day. Kingsley took more time, but became a very good big man for us. Gafford as well has improved most of his numbers and grown into a larger role. The comment of Harris getting his shot blocked ignores that Gafford has scored plenty this season by Harris or another guard doing this very thing. He also ignored that the two defenders would have had split between Harris and Gafford. The shot selection comment is bogus as well. Yes, we took some bad shots yesterday, but so does everybody else. Simpson, Sills, and Harris are capable 3 point shooters as well. It’s pure ignorance.

This is one of the dumbest posts I’ve ever seen on this board—almost to the point I think it’s just someone trolling.