We got exactly what we deserved!!

three times we have runners on 2nd and 3rd with less than 1 out and get 2 stinking runs!!we should one this one about 7-4 wilson routine boot preceded the HR.glad we are 4-2 against 2 great teams but I despise giving games away…

The errors are frustrating and those 2 runs probably cost us the game, but this time MLB. We got 1 big win against one of the best teams in the country at their place. Today’s game came down to the wire.

I’m disappointed we lost the series after the opening win, but we are probably going to be no worse than tied for first after 2 weekends. Considering our 2 opponents were who they are, I’m pretty happy right now.

Exactly where we are, tied with the Rebnecks. Auburn currently losing the rubber match to the Jellycats which would have them and the Corndogs at 3-3.

We’re a fifth of the way through the conference season. There will be days when we won’t score in key situations (see today), and then there will be days where we score every time we have the opportunity (see Friday). We hope there’s more Fridays than Sundays, but that’s baseball. While the SEC West is quite strong, we won’t face many (any?) teams better than this weekend. We’re on pace to finish 20-10 in the SEC with potentially easier series still to be played.