We got conservative

I now understand why Hayden hasn’t gotten more touches this year than he has… He may or may not run the play that is called… At least a half dozen times last night he did not run to where the play was blocked but tried to bounce it outside and got dumped for 3 or 4 yard loss

It really hurt losing Boyd and then Whaley… Boyd is very good at hitting it where it is blocked and then gets north and south very quickly… Devwah has gotten a lot better at this also… but Hayden was making it very hard for them to run the ball and subsequently run the clock

Where has Maleek Williams been by the way… Seems like he would’ve been very helpful last night

Even when the ball isn’t snapped to high it is often a weak snap to begin or off to the side & you can see the play gets started like it’s in slow motion. Makes it much easier for the DE’s & LB’s to read it easily.

I think it is the latter. I believe O’Grady was open in the middle, just to the left of Pettway on the last play before the punt. Kelley favored Pettway in the spring and the early games as I recall. But, it is what it is.