We got conservative

In second half. Field goals instead of touchdowns. And our defense was pathetic. We MIGHT win one more game. As offense has progressed defense has regressed. And I’m depressed.


Understand the frustration. But you have to figure being down to your third string RB and second string QB might have influenced the play calling. And of course you know CCM was also trying to run out the clock and keep OM’s offense off the field.


Trying to run out the clock hasn’t worked well for us for about 7 years. He threw on the last possession and Pettway dropped one that would have been a huge gain.

We scored 6 points in the 2nd half against a high school defense. That will get you beat. Trying not to lose is a horrible strategy. It does not work.

Coach Morris has not shown me much in the game management area. The Colorado State and Ole Miss losses coulda, shoulda been wins…

Play to win. Throw the football. Ole Miss has running backs playing in the secondary. You must outscore the Rebels. You can’t play by trying to run out the clock on that team…that is stupid.

What happened to O’Grady down the middle or anywhere…The 2nd half he never touched it.

It looked like Bret was back on the sideline for this one.

It’s a natural coaching instinct for some reason. I’ve never understood it. It rarely works but most coaches default to it when they have a lead and adversity or calamity strikes. It used to be a foundational philosophy, get lead and sit, now it’s a situational default instinct.

That’s my biggest fear about Morris. He’s playing with one hand behind his back in a lot of ways. I’m very impressed with his recruiting and that they’re playing hard for him.

But they’ve lost 2 games they would have won if he had lived by his hammer down mantra.

He doesn’t trust Kelly and I don’t blame him. That said, when is Noland going to be ready?

We lost out top two rbs and our qb. How can you be anything other than conservative when you backup qb throws interceptions?

I came on here anticipating Chad’s play-calling would be blamed. Its always play calling on these boards. Not bad reads. Not drops. Not bad tackling.

Play calling.

Ok. That’s what y’all think. Some of it is play calling. Some of it isn’t.

It now looks like Chad should have played Connor. But Cole played pretty well when he first went in…so he went with him. And he threw the huge pick.

But IMO losing Rakeem, then Devwah made the difference in the game. And of course Ty. Hayden just isn’t big enough to run through tackles in traffic. Rakeem or Devwah finishes the game and we win in my opinion.

I think the Hogs will start winning games like that soon enough. Maybe next season though. We need more playmakers. And more depth. Though alot of teams would lose a lead without arguably their 3 most reliable offensive skill guys.

I would need to go back and watch to be sure, but I don’t think it was so much that the play calling was conservative as it was Cole Kelley and Chase Hayden not executing the plays the way the starters did.

After Ole Miss scored to pull within 33-31, Arkansas threw on first down the next drive and La’Michael Pettway dropped the ball. That would have been a 13-yard catch at least. A conservative play call there would have been to run and try to work the clock. Kelley also seemed to have happy feet on a at least a few occasions in the fourth quarter and ran.

Who ever is playing QB, we need to work on snapping the football properly so that the timing of the play isn’t disrupted as is happening much to often this season.
We do need to know why Noland was not inserted into this game when he is now considered to be the #2 QB on the roster.
We all know what to expect from Cole Kelley, big guy, big arm, big turnovers!

Arkansas is a much better coached team when Boyd, Whaley and Storey are on the field.

They didn’t get conservative.

They didn’t execute when those three were not in the game

Why did we not take advantage of their depleted secondary? Why did we not try to go to the tight end like we did the week before they would have been very vulnerable to play action as much as we were trying to run the ball. I don’t get it the old saying is if you keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results it’s called Insanity I just thought we should have tried to take advantage of their weakness which is their secondary

Man, you are wearing that insanity definition out in every post.

One would think that if they used CJ O’Grady and the other TEs liberally the last two weeks that they would have again if the defense had dictated it.

I can’t just look at the game on TV and pronounce it wrong without asking questions - and again, I wasn’t there.

I’ll do my review of tape later this week and know more.

Sure seemed like the offense worked just fine with Boyd, Whaley and Storey in there.

But I don’t think coaches - at any level - try to find ways to lose the game by not doing things they have done that were previously successful.

If not asked Saturday, I am sure it will be Monday.

I think high snaps were big deal. Messed up timing. Running back had to come to complete stop.

Very. It’s ridiculous. An issue every week.

Snaps hurt, but they were that way in the first half as well.

I thought we went conservative, until it was clear they were back in it and coming hard.
I thought we had conservative moments in the first half as well, but Oline really played well and Backs really keep plays alive or the slightest crease and ran well.

We keep hearing that the reason Maleek Williams doesn’t get more reps is because he can’t pass block. But, he can sure run. And, in our last drive before the punt, we were all about getting first downs, with the run, to eat clock. That he didn’t come in at that point was a head scratcher for me. I would have used him and Kelley with possibly a player in motion to threaten the jet sweep. There must be something about his practice that is troubling his position coach.

It’s ironic–or is it?–that O’Grady “disappeared” after Storey, Boyd and Whaley were injured. Could it be that the ability to run the football directly leads to the ability of the TE to get open? Or that maybe Storey looks to the TE more than Kelley, who tends to look for the big play and the wideouts?