We get the Friday, Saturday, Sunday schedule for Super Regionals

According to ncaa.com, we play at 5:00 Central time on Friday, 2:00 on Saturday, and 5:00 on Sunday if necessary. Probably would have been nice to have the extra day of rest, but half of the Super Regionals start on Friday, the other half on Saturday. We’ve done both, and have won doing both.

NCAA sure isn’t doing us any favors. Since we played on Monday (I get it is our own fault that we played on Monday) they sure could have had our regional start on Saturday. Since it is half on Friday and half on Saturday, it sure seems like they could have picked Saturday for us.

Not 100% sure, but I think that is pre-determined by the bracket we’re in. Remember, it’s already determined who our first game in Omaha would be against (the survivor of which Super), so that Super is likely also a Friday start to keep us “in sync”. It wouldn’t be fair for one of the teams to be coming in with more rest than the other (although rain outs can affect that).

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We got screwed again. Any of the winners who played on Monday should have been on the S-S-M schedule. Seems like simple logic.

We don’t really have anyone who needs rest other than KK

and I am not sure he ever needs it


i believe all of the regionals were on the same calendar. The way I see it, the teams that took care of their business early (i.e., did not lose on Sunday) earned that extra day or rest.

Like it or don’t, that’s the way it is. We could have closed them out a day earlier and saved Kopps 90 pitches…but we didn’t.

What Dave said.

Do we get a trophy for winning regional?

Will have no impact whatsoever on us Wicklander will be well rested up and everybody else will have 3 full days rest. These are kids they go to bed at 1-2 in the morning and rock and roll the next day… They will be Jacked up to play Friday like always rather than wait around all day and play Saturday… I love it!

The reason we’re playing Friday/Saturday/Sunday is because we’re in bracket 1 of the CWS. Start dates of Super Regionals are decided before Regional games are even played.

Because there are two games for bracket 1 on the first Saturday of CWS, all four of the Supers that lead into that bracket get the Friday/Saturday/Sunday games. Bracket 2’s first two games are on the Sunday, so their Supers are on Saturday/Sunday/Monday.

Pitching for everyone will be reset by the first round games of the CWS, barring weather delays.

I am so conditioned by the screws being put to us in polling, Heisman voting, and blatant cheating, Arizona, Texas(forever and a day), TN, Florida, Auburn… I may be a bit paranoid.

My dad had a great saying about paranoia. He said “It’s not paranoia if they’re really out to get you”.

Wicklander will be ready! I just hope the home plate umpire doesn’t have a coffee can strike zone.

Nice to know. Like adgebg, I am so used to getting screwed that I am somewhat paranoid.

I don’t care if the strike zone is a coffee can as long as it stays a coffee can for both teams. The problem with some of the umps this past weekend was the zone was all over the place, the same pitch would be called a ball, then a strike, then a ball again later, and so on. It was confusing for the pitchers to find the zone because there really wasn’t one, each pitch had a different zone.

I will say the umps were consistent, in being consistently awful to both teams. I don’t think it favored any one team, so not complaining about bias. I would just like the umps to pick a strike zone, tight or loose, and stay with it. Then the pitchers can really cut loose and show what they got.

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