We gave Nutt pass on back to back losing seasons

Well into his tenure.

He went 4-7 and 5-6 back to back and came back the following year.

I don’t know what’s best for program.

But this is hardly our worst stretch by a head coach since joining the SEC.

Some good young talent on this team and an almost historic amount of injuries.

Whoever coaches next year, if can improve line and build on some young talent, with easier schedule next year, this thing can be turned around.

We were on NCAA probation at that time.

The past 6 years is actually the worst stretch in 70+ years.

Nutt has also been to an SEC title game and finished with nine wins on three occasions up to the time the “pass” was given. It was also given because Nebraska came calling. Who’s coming to call for CBB besides perhaps the SEC network?

Also, CBB just guranteed his 4th losing SEC season in 5 attempts.

Adios Amigo


Don’t be so quick to fire him. Folks in power see young talent and rash of injuries.

Lose next two and you may get your wish. Don’t think his firing is assured.

We shall see - don’t see him returning.

I think that is what I said we will wait and see. Unless you are writing a 10 million check or know someone who is, then all we are doing is speculating. Next two weeks will tell the story.

I think his body of work has already told the story.

After 5 years it is evident this is not working. The lack of recruiting, the poor special teams and defense, the weird use of player personnel and the fans finally saying enough is enough are valid reasons for a new coach. Coach Bielema can ride off into the sunset with a huge pile of money and spend his weekends with Houston Nutt and Zonker Harris working on his tan.

How does beating Miss State and Mizzou change things? Even if we were to win those games Bielema’s SEC record would be 13-27. Four losing conference records in five years. That is totally unacceptable.

I’m not saying coach should be retained.

Just saying we gave Nutt a pass after back to back 4-7 and 5-6 seasons.

Arkansas unfortunately has long track record of mediocrity in the SEC for some 25 years.

If we are making an upgrade, let’s make an upgrade in expectations and pay to be a top program.

Pay top dollar for best assistants. Be known as the highest paid recruiting office in the south and get the best recruiting personnel.

We can’t keep this hope that Arkansas situation is 100 dependent on a coaching personality.

WHATEVER…looking forward to a great Hoops season and a run at Omaha for Bases. WooPig.

Nutt had three nine-win seasons and no losing records by the time those years occurred. Not even close to the same situation as now.

Good point.