We forgot to tell Aggie Jokes

This year! Dang it, that’s bad luck and my fault! I usually start a Aggie joke thread this week, but I’ve had to work a lot of extra nights and days this week.

We might of won if we’d laughed at em more! My bad boys (and gals)!

They went at night!!!

Ha ha!!! ROTFLMAO!! I remember that joke after all these years (around 50 years).

We didn’t forget. It is politically incorrect to make fun of anybody anymore, anywhere anytime. I don’t know what joke a comedian can tell. Those guys are out of a job.

Aggie jokes are politically correct here! Always.


A true story…three of my daughter’s UA classmates drove to College Station from Fayetteville thinking the game was at ATM. They missed the first half of today’s game driving to Dallas from College Station.