We Finally saw the Defense play

like they wanted to win in the 2nd half. That was a very good offense They slowed down.

I thought the Hog D played a remarkably good second half. Essentially held the bears to about 400 yards. Ole Miss put over 500 against Bama.

How many did they allow in the 2nd half? I know they moved the ball. they will do that, but there were several key stops and a few 3 and out. Most importantly, they hit people and they tackled. Makes a big difference.

Add some sacks and big hit on punk Kelly to end the game

Big win

Loved it. Great to see us beat the Land Sharts

Huge WIN !!!
My son from the start kept say we need to HIT Kelly.
Finally did!

Actually guys our last 2 games with O’Missey, you just can’t make this stuff up.

BEST hits we’ve had all year. I had some major concerns about this game.
Concerns; like getting the team to stick together. A let down and not preparing for the next game.
Passed all those test in flying colors.
WE got behind and stayed the course. I’m very proud for our coaches regrouping and preparing a plan to win.
Proud for the kids we deserved it!!

So with the Ref’s against VS the Tide WE played better so far than anyone.

That was as tight of coverage as we’ve seen at the line of scrimmage. When we had a decent rush that tight coverage won the day.