We don't know what we don't know

Is it possible that BB is actually being logical in his steadfast refusal to make coaching changes? We don’t know.

I called for Smith to go after the Auburn game. As far as I understand the situation right now, Smith should be fired. What a mess we have on the defensive side.

Still there are some possible explanations for a lack of a staff shakeup.

  1. Did BB engineer the defensive scheme himself, rather than Smith?
  2. Did Smith make recommendations for changes that were rejected be BB?
  3. Did BB insist on redshirting LBs and other defensive personnel over the strong objections of Smith?
  4. Did BB veto specific mission critical recruiting requests of Smith over the last two classes?
  5. Did Smith get the shortend too many times when O and D coaches battled over new signees?
  6. Is Smith the victim of a once in a generation accumulation of spectacularly low football IQ defenders?

We don’t know if any of these are even remotely true. However, if Smith and others are not fired (or do not coincidentally take other opportunities) then I suggest it will be for logical reasons similar to those listed above.

BB seems like an honorable guy. He is no dummy. And nothing suggests that he wants to commit professional suicide. If he keeps these guys it may be for reasons we don’t presently know.

A lot of people are missing one very important point:

Just because BB does not plan to fire any assistants, does not mean we will have the same coaching staff in August. Or in March for that matter. People may (and I suspect will) be encouraged to “explore other career opportunities”.


All is conjecture, because we do not know right now.

If these coaches do find other “opportunities” after the season, we still won’t know, but we will have a very good idea of what happened behind the scenes.

But my bigger point is if these coaches stay, we will have a pretty strong basis for believing that BB has had more to do with this defense than anyone has let on before.

Either way it will not alter my thoughts about BB who I believe is an immensely talented HC. It will simply tell us where the focus of change needs to be.

My logic is that if no coaches are let go on defensive side, the conclusion by CBB is that it was a talent and/or leadership problem among players. He would not state this at a press conference b/c he is not going to call out his players publicly with a bowl game ahead. Personally, I believe there is a leadership issue in the defense group. We did not see a “refuse to lose” attitude by our defense last Friday, and their are numerous upper classmen in that unit. Something doesn’t seem right to me in that group.

Sensible OP! We do not know what conclusions were reached last winter about this team, conclusions that turned into schemes and personnel decisions that cannot be walked back once made.

The Froholdt move to OG, which chapped many for much of the season, is my shining example. We needed a solution at OG and that was the best we could come up with. You make a move and you live with it until you can change it. In the case of Froholdt, finding an able replacement (once Gibson subbed in for the ailing Raulerson) was not going to happen without taking a redshirt off of someone.

I am kind of warming to the notion that the staff said “enough!” to short-term solutions that result in lost developmental time and missing years at the end (prime!) of careers. Take your hits this year and add a year to a lot of playing careers on down the road. Try to plug the holes in the depth chart via the scout team this spring and repeat the cycle again next year (when the true frosh on the field are much more likely to be defensive players).

Very good post, we also did not have a clue about AA or RW111, DW, so they might very well have said let’s make the best of this year and come out in 2017 and know what we have in this team. WPS

Interesting point.

I think it’s Robb’s defense. I think he set up the scheme and did add some modifications in the secondary as suggested by Paul Rhoads. I don’t think there was any disagreement from the head coach as they did that. They were on the same page philosophically. I think there was agreement on who was ready to play among the freshmen, many of whom will be good players down the line – like Briston Guidry, Jonathan Marshall, Giovanni LaFrance, Dee Walker, Alexy Jean Baptiste, Deon Edwards and Micahh Smith. It didn’t help that three key players (Britto Tutt, DJ Dean, Kevin Richardson and Dre Greenlaw) were hurt. Every team gets injuries, but there just wasn’t sufficient depth in the back end to absorb those injuries. Tutt went down to ACL surgery in camp, Richardson to surgery to fix a pectoral tendon after the first game, Greenlaw to foot surgery after the Alabama game and Dean just wasn’t ever fully healthy after foot surgery. Dean was further reduced as far as speed after a severe hamstring injury in camp.

The real mystery to me was the play of Deatrich Wise, a solid player in the second half of the 2015 season, but reduced to playing in some third down situations over the final four games of the season. I’m told that he had several minor injuries, but I don’t know that any of them added up to an inability to apply any pressure in the pass rush. He looked thinner and slower this season than over the second half of last season.

Yes D Wise absence in making plays is mind boggling as well as many other returners who were hyped as a big strength to this team

Instead it was the teams glaring weakness and Smith likely answers for it by “moving on”

BB has to upgrade this defense in the toughest conference in football or he continues to get heat

Looking at the roster of returning players and recruiting targets I’m scratching my head over the rush end position - where are the QB hurries/sacks coming from next season?

And that’s likely why they are trying to add a juco DE and a juco DT


I know about Edwards at DT…who is the juco rush end they are recruiting?