We don't get no respect!

Here we go. We whip the snot out of Miss St who just beat the defending National Champion, and we held the No. 4 team in the nation to 5 points in the first half when the No. 7 team in the nation gave up 24 points in their first half. Yet, we won’t be ranked next week!! Just watch

However, we did win ourselves a New Year’s Day bowl game (or some bowl game) tonite with our win.

Congratulations Hogs!! Congratulations Coach Sam Pittman!!!

Very doubtful on a bowl game with the rest of the conferences giving in and playing now.

Oh. Heck!

I’m thrilled, but it’s too soon to be talking about a ranking. Just win.

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I don’t even expect to be among the “others receiving votes.” But that doesn’t bother me at all right now. We just needed the win. Nobody will be talking about our 20+ game losing streak. I don’t expect to ever have that again. I’m still hoping for 3, maybe 4, wins this season. MSU was one I thought we had to have back around Labor Day. Then after last week I thought that was hoping for too much.

I think we can beat Ole Miss & Mizzou. Might be able to steal another one somewhere.

I could care less about ranking and respect. We are a long way from that, but I bet the rest of the SEC now knows it is not a rent a win. They are going to have to come take it.

A&M had a major effort today. Will they let down? Will they take us serious. It probably does look like a funky game on film. Be hard for them to get up too much. One thing is certain, they better be ready for a fight, because it is coming for them.

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