We don't get no respect

… and I’m fine with that.

Watching Game Day and checking in on the CBS Sports network today, I saw listings of new coaches. Neither mentioned Arkansas. But I would rather have our program fly under the radar and win games on the field.

I hope our football program has some Nolan attitude.

I’m kind of glad they’re downplaying the hire, may give the coaching staff and the players an edge

I’m thinkingi in a couple of years we’ll have earned that respect. I’ve read a good deal about alll the hires and a good deal of the media folks (National Media) don’t get excited over our hire compared to Tennessee, Florida and aTm. Fair enough. I’m like Marty, it’s fine with me that they overlook us now.

The only hire IMO that was as good as ours was Mullen to FL. He will do good. Jimbo to aTm? They will cash him out in a few years. Again in this old dude’s opinion.

The proof will be in wins down the road. But so far CCM has exceeded my expectations.

i am in complete agreement with this

About that Fisher guy. Even if he wasn’t a sham of a coach, he is too backwoodsy for these Aggie blueblood wannabees. In his first press conference, he conjured up a couple of those “I seen this, I done that” style quotes. I think you are right - he will wear thin rather quickly.

Thats a good thing because when they are honest they have no respect for Arkansas culturally or athletically

In thier minds Arkansas is too small to produce a constant winning program and its filled with people who have a much higher idea of themselves than reality shows

Well, I’m ok they are that way - glad to hear a coach and AD that want to unite the program as the State program not jus the University program

With Arkansas united - the right fit at coach (A recruiter and Pirate) with recruiting of the talent that is what they call a development project out of east Texas I think The Razorbacks can be what I always thought they could be

  1. The dangerous Blue Collar team you dread playing because they don’t give up because they dont respect you because of your name

  2. They can make runs where they win the West 2 Times a decade

  3. Win the SEC at least once decade

With a united state resources, fan base, development of the talented over looked but hungry and angry out of E Texas and the best of Arkansas - its possible


Big But - its going to be painful next year - I expect as loosing season

Can this coach take the SEC West punch?

there is hope - Ole Miss is a smoking flaming hulk, dead in the water they are
tying to keep afloat

MSU - Is in transition

Tex A&M may return to being Aggies again

LSU - I like Coach O but I think our coach is smarter - O wins with talent alone and you catch them at an undisciplined moment - Coach O doesn’t strike me as disciplined - A humming Arkansas can take them

Mizzou - GAWD - we got to find a way to do something about that turd of a game the SEC gave us - winning it would be a good start - so Arkansas is never measured by Mizzou but is measured by beating Auburn, Bama and LSU

thats in the future if everything works right

But will the fans allow two back to back bad seasons ?

Can this coach match his promises?

He said all the right things

If he does the respect from the national press will follow and I will love watching them grouse because they are flying to the edge of the end of civilization because they have to be there - because Arka nsas is Good!

Clemson Good or better

We have done nothing to earn respect since Hatfield. We are an afterthought till we make ourselves relevant.

We have been the worst program in the SEC West since the beginning of 2013 and the second worst in the SEC. We’ve been a laughingstock.

I don’t blame them for not respecting Arkansas. No reason to.

Hopefully CCM can change that.

You could say the same thing about the Aggies. The Aggies are only relevant because they’re in a major TV market. We’ve actually been more relevant on the field over the last 20 years; had a couple decent runs under HDN and Petrino. The Aggies have had very few 8+ seasons during that span. The Sumlin years were their best.

The only thing that gets the aggie respect is their endowment. There is no basis for respect based on in field success in decades.

You may be underestimating this coach. Clemson was 84th in PPG in 2010. They brought in Coach Morris and they were 24th in 2011. In 2014 SMU was dead last (128), they brought in CCM and he raised them to 73rd. He avg’s raising PPG in his first year by 13 PPG, and ranking around 55 spots. AR was 63rd this year. Adding 13 PPG would have raised our record to 7-5. We are actually ahead offensively of both Clemson and SMU. Our defense seems to be even. Clemson was 100, SMU was 119, we are 100 in points allowed.

At Clemson by his 2nd year, they were 6th. At SMU, in year 3 they were 8th. Clemson got rolling when Venables showed up. Their O and D were in the Top 10 at one point.

Good info lets see what happens - I’m cautious - I’m simply not expecting a winning season next eyar - am I hoping for one?!

I’m a Razorback fan - hope springs eternal - just wait till next year LOL