We don’t have a bench

Nobody to relieve Williams and Lykes for the most part can’t relieve JD. Those are short comings and it shows tonight. I know we have a fantastic recruiting class coming in, has JD given any indication whether he is coming back or not

No, but pretty sure (95%) he’s leaving

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Why do you say you’re pretty sure he’s leaving? You know him?

I will hate to see JD go, but if this is the highest his stock is going to get for professional ball, he has to go. And I wish him nothing but the best.

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That is my only question. Is this indeed the highest his stock will be? Muss has talked the Martin twins up lately on how smart it was for them to stay an additional year. I took that to be a hint towards JD…but maybe its to Jaylin and Toney. I wish they would all come back.

I think all of their stock would go up frankly.

But I’ll love all those guys forever. Whatever they decide.

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Because Dudley has said exactly what I just did on here

I don’t know jd however at his age 24-25 he is getting old for pro ball.

He will be welcomed back if he wants to return but I think the allure to make money will take him elsewhere

Just wondered if you knew him. You never know who knows who on these boards. I would love to see JD in the NBA…and he is gonna need to play point. I think he could improve his stock if he came back.

But what do I know? I don’t talk to scouts. Nor do I know JD.

Duke only played 7 players.
Villanova mainly plays 6.

That’s just how it goes these days.

And one of Nova’s 6 tore his Achilles.

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