We do not want to win this game...

TD? Nope. Don’t want it.

Hold them and force them to punt from their endzone? Nope. STUPID late hit.

I have never seen us play so stupid.

Ummmmmmm…??? Really?

Fumbles not helping. We should be up by at least 10.

Literally? No. Of course not. But my point is we are playing STUPID.

Ummmmmm …??? Really?


Should be 28-7.

Are you saying we aren’t playing stupid???

Again. STUPID.

Nope, this is a typical Bret Bielema team. All their QB has to do is run up the middle every time. Been like that since CBB and staff arrived. So, not Stupid, expected.

I really wish you were not right.

So do I

Well one would think that CBB could get a DC to stop those QB runs up the middle. We do pay enough don’t we?

We want to win but we only have about a 15% chance of winning. Texas is better plus we don’t how to win; just how to lose.

DC ain’t in the middle of the field. Ellis is. Love the kids heart, and his FB IQ, but if he steps left instead of right the other team runs right by him. Hoping the next MLB, has his heart, FB IQ, and speed, then it would stop.

That may be true for the last TD, but the fumble while inches from scoring a TD? STUPID.

The late hit when we had made a great play to force a punt from their endzone? STUPID, STUPID and STUPID.

Two TD’s.

Fumble, not stupid. Normal football play. It happens. Go back and watch, RWIII was turning to keep the ball, our OL hit him to push him in and that knocked the ball loose. Happens sometimes.

Late Hit, can’t disagree

We have the LB’s with speed, it’s called versatility with personell and adjusting on the fly by the DC. Deatrich Wise doesn’t help when he bites on the RB leaving a clear lane for the QB to run through. I cant put this all on Brooks.

Unfortunately, you have too. It’s common knowledge that the QB is gonna watch Wise. If Wise does the wrong thing, the QB spy (both runs was the MLB’s job) has to be there.

See Greg, it happens


Fire Willy

Oh well. Love my Hogs. I am done posting until after the game.