We did it!

I just rewatched the 2nd half. With all the health stuff we have been through, I literally didn’t have the nerves, and had to go sit outside for the last few minutes and call my daughter after 10 minutes so she could tell me if we won. For what seemed an eternity I sat and chanted “c’mon Hogs…play you best. C’mon Hogs, play your best.” I even had a chat with my Hog-fan parents, both in Heaven (and surely watching with THEIR Hog-fan parents).

I wish I had stayed and watched the whole thing live. But then again, I might be at the ER if I had.

WHAT A WIN. I thought we got hosed on a couple of calls. But probably got away with one too. JD taking that 30 footer was NOT a good shot when we could have iced it. But you know what…we are GOING TO THE SWEET 16!!!

Now…cmon Oral Roberts…


Unlike me who was streaming the game while flying home from a family wedding…thing kept freeze and didn’t get to see the last minute…had to switch to the ESPN game cast, which then froze with 3 seconds left…finally got the word when my son texted me.

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You gotta give profs to Tate for hitting both this late FT.!

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Tate is not a great free throw shooter. UNTIL THEY ARE IN THE CLUTCH! Kid has HEART!!!

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