We did a good job of running the inside trap Saturday

I have always loved the inside trap play especially against the aggressive defense is of the SEC. We have not ran it much the last few years but last week we busted 2-3 traps up the middle for good gaines Stromberg did a great job I’ve getting inside and trapping The tackle Clary and Cunningham did a good job I’m blocking backside and getting to the linebacker to spring Boyd up to middle.

Why did we not call some screen plays for Boyd in the first half. Ole Miss was all over the quarterback on almost every snap. Logic says you let them come in and float the screen to Boyd out in space and let him run. The wildcat package was an odd one, in my view because it tells Ole Miss we are running the ball, so they just load the box and stuff Rakeem. I know we are limited on what we can do due to our poor line play, but somebody explain what they need to do. I’m no coach, just an armchair coach.

Okay youdaman…I’m going to show my age and find out about yours. When I played (sparingly) the name for a trap was mousetrap. At least that’s what our coach called it.

Do you (or anyone else) remember mousetrap?

LOL I don’t remember ever calling it a mousetrap.

That was in the 60’s. Glad to have a young friend like you! :sunglasses::v: