We definitely ended up in the best CWS bracket

#1 UCLA and #4 GA get upset, leaving the Hogs as the highest seeded team in the bracket. We don’t have to play an SEC team. Florida St has been one of the hottest teams in the tournament, but I think their mission was to get Martin back to the CWS. I believe Campbell shuts them down and brings them back down to earth. Then we only have to beat Mich or TT, who struggled to beat OK St, to get that important 2-0 mark. Then one more win against a tired Mich, TT, or OK St gets us back in the Championship 2 of 3 series.

Not an easy road, but certainly easier than the other bracket with Vandy, MS St, and red hot Louisville and Auburn.

On the other hand, if we’re still playing on June 24, there’s a real good chance we’re playing another SEC team.

If we were to make it to the finals, which SEC team would you guys prefer. We handled MSU and AU pretty well. And, actually, we did well against Vanderbilt (throwing out the second game). If it is Vandy, wouldn’t want Noland to start game 2 though. Vandy destroyed him.

That’s fine. I’d much rather meet one of them in the Championship series than in game one and/or 2 of the CWS.

For me, definitely Auburn if I had a choice. It would be close for me between MS St and Vandy. Just the idea of needing to beat a very good MSU team 5 times out of 6 possible games sounds really tough. Vandy is the overall best team though.

That’s my view, too. Seems to me Vandy is the best team, but we were fortunate to sweep them. They’re playing better now than then. I’d hate to have to face them in another 3 game series. Of course, since we can’t do it without making it to the finals of the CWS, I’d take that matchup right now. I expect either MSU or Vandy will be the finalist from that bracket.

We didn’t sweep Vandy. We did sweep Miss St, so you know they can’t wait to get another shot at us.

I must be getting tired. Yeah, I wrote that very poorly. I meant to say Vandy is the best team, but we were lucky to sweep MSU, so I don’t know if I want to face them (MSU) again.

I like our chances if we can get consistent starting pitching after Campbell I think we are going to Omaha on a roll with the bats just like last yr…it will be about pitching IMO but our bullpen is much better than last yr and that could be HUGE!

I think we win it all…

Thanks Ace

Your post captures my thoughts on this matter perfectly. I’m in full agreement on all points you made.

I will add that from what little I know about Louisville, they’d be no walk in the park either. I believe they had a couple of stout lefties that they can start against us, and the seem to score runs in bunches.

At this point, ALL the teams are very good AND hot . . . or else they wouldn’t be in Omaha.

Auburn is obviously the Cinderella of the SEC teams at the CWS,

But if they make it to the finals and the Tigers might be a team of destiny.