We couldn't guard a lamp post....

Really disappointing defensive effort.

Raggedy ride. Found a way to gut that one out.

77 - 71

Survive and advance!

26-9. W.P.S.

Who is this lamp post guy anyway?

Sometimes you have to give your opponent some credit. This was a very good Big East team, who came into this game hot. They were the best rebounding team in a very good Big East conference. There was a reason we were only a 1 point favorite.

This was a great win and a great finish by our Hogs.

Lamp post just didn’t get enough points. WPS GHG!!!

Good example of why it’s usually better to wait until the game is over to post. I admit there were times I got frustrated, but overall felt it was a good effort. It’s a big win. Important that we weren’t a 1 & done.

Mike Anderson had to give up something to double the mug man down low. He may have had 13 rebounds but he was unable to just slam them back in! I was more concerned watching the careless turnovers and not being able to score on those early fast breaks. This is a good team win!
Macon did not light the scoreboard up with his 7 points but he had 5 rebounds.
Sometimes it’s just nice to be happy about a win!

Actually we held them to 71 points in 70 possession. Just two weeks ago they put up 70 at Butler in 61 possessions. Butler is a top-50 defense. If you had told me before the game that SH would be right at 1.0 points per possession, I would have settled in to watch a comfortable Hog victory as they ran the Pirates aground. I never would have guessed such a close game.

If offensive boards are a part of defense (which I contend they are), then we were not exactly stellar. However, we did force some timely turnovers and Moses was an eraser inside.

I posted that after we subbed up 3 or 4 and then quickly got down by 8. I also have to give Seton Hall some credit - those were some good tough athletes on the Pirates.

Comments: now you just said a mouth full, for me personally I like wait to see the outcome before I start dishing out criticism, especially as it relates to the team I’m pulling for.

Comments: I like to think some of the erred plays could be attributed to first game jitters.

Offensive board stats could be misleading especially if one team has that many offensive rebounds. It potentially means that team is shooting poorly or there are multiple offensive rebounds recorded on one possession. A better stat to look at how many points were scored off the offensive rebounds. From the stars I read, SH scored 10 points offs the offensive rebounds. Not that damaging.

They were an athletic tough minded team. They had the guards and big men to compete. No matter what we did, they found a way to catch up; they even went up by 8. Our come back was due to our past experience, and confidence. Overall we were the better team and showed it at the end. I am happy with the win & did not expect a runaway.

Good post. Agree on all points.

Seton Hall is one of the best offensive rebounding teams in the nation, as I posted before the game. It was entirely predictable. The question was whether we could mitigate the damage. We did. Offensive boards are part of defense, but they aren’t the end all be all. Rim protection is part of defense, too. Seton Hall shot under 40% on deuces. Hence, they didn’t score a lot. That was UConn’s formula for years - block everything in sight. Many of their best teams were lousy on the glass. Final analysis - they didn’t score efficiently. You don’t get points for rebounds. Geez, we won in the NCAAT when we didn’t score particularly efficiently.

Have to admit a lamp post is very good in the post. And tends to light it up.

His cousin B Lamp Post is pretty good. Has a mean crossover.