we could win out,but....

and go 8-4 and that would exceed my preseason pick of 7-5 but it sure doesn’t feel like an 8-4 season thus far.
How about you?

So far, it really feels like a 6-4 season.

Oh what the heck. If you hang a slider on the inner half, might as well take a rip:

I think he was making a joke. I thought it was funny.

They have been underdogs in seven games, three of which they have won. The bad part, the four losses were not close at the end, although A&M fell apart in the fourth quarter after being a dead even game through most of three. It’s the point spread in the losses that makes you feel that it was worse than 6-4. But, the three big wins were a lot of fun and very entertaining. I’ll argue that one of the biggest victories was the first one, against Louisiana Tech, a very good team.

The wins and losses have been against some different teams and the margins weren’t predictable, but the season is going the way I thought it would in the preseason from a record perspective. I picked 8 wins with this scenario in mind:

  • Win 3 nonconference games vs. G5 and FCS (3-0)

  • Split TCU and Texas A&M (4-1)

  • Split the SEC home schedule (6-3)

  • Win 2 of 3 SEC games on the road (8-4)

Mississippi State is not a gimme by any means, but I think Arkansas has a chance to win there, and the Razorbacks should beat Missouri. Even with the embarrassing losses, I think an 8-win regular season would have to be viewed as a positive, if it turns out that way.

It’s possible and I hope we end up 8-4. With that said, we could be one of the worst 8-4 teams in the country.

Disagree. 8 - 4 would make the Hogs one of the best 8-4 teams in the country.

Getting to 8-4 is my concern. Winning on the road in the SEC is not easy.

Perhaps…but it sure as Hell beats being one of the worst 7-5 or 6-6 teams in the country!

Forgive me, Clay, and I understand what you mean, but if the bar on expectations is towards winning titles, I respectfully can never consider beating LA Tech as a good program win under normal circumstances during my several decades watching Arkansas ball.

Even though it may be a good win this year given how the year has transpired.

Understand and don’t necessarily disagree, but hurts to say LA Tech is a good win for our program - ha


Really? That is where we rate our program? I believe TCU was much bigger. as was Ole Miss (guess we take that one for granted these days)… Yes, La Tech is a good/well coached team, but should never be a team that beats us (& they should’ve this year)…just sayin’

Louisiana Tech “shouldn’t have” beaten Arkansas. Now the hypernegatives are going to start counting wins as losses. Had LaTech made its field goals, Arkansas probably would have done that much more necessary to win. That is all.

I don’t think there’s any doubt the reason for the doom & gloom has been the size of the losses rather than the number of losses. Had we lost by less than a TD to the same four teams that beat us soundly, we’d all feel much better about the team. But the size of the losses makes me feel a bit nervous about winning this weekend at MSU. Their win against A&M 2 weeks ago shows they’re capable of playing well. Even Mizzou won’t be a pushover, but I still think we win out.