We could sure use Justice Hill

While not caring that he’s the one that looks bad with his snarky posts. Tore into Clay yesterday and wouldn’t let go. He’s full of poop. :grimacing:

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I have no idea why the dude even posted this LD…it was from years ago.

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I knew who bumped this old thread before I even opened it. Predictably


Instead of starting a new thread I used one already started. Sheesh. I didn’t even read the thread before posting his stats. JH is someone we’ve discussed for years. I found it interesting to see how he did. Apologies

Who knew simply posting JH’s stats would be so triggering. This place seems full of snowflakes

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Go re-read that thread and see who couldn’t take correction.

Don’t sweat 2009, Jeff. He is a major stockholder in Summer’s Eve. I mean why would anyone use as their avatar, a picture of one of the most reviled characters in the history of pop culture?


thanks Jeremy!

Dude just picked me out for some reason.

Its all good though!

Yup. Dude tears his rotator cuff patting himself on the back and digs up stuff from ages ago if he thinks it makes him look good. Meanwhile the rest of us are laughing at him. And his ego.

And Clay nailed it. He is full of poop.

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Swine could u please direct me to the interaction between him and Clay? I missed it.

What are you talking about?

I literally searched “Justice Hill” and this thread popped up. I then posted his stats from Murray State.

Now, now you guys that’s been on here a while know hog2009 is pretty dang factual. Need to thicken your skin a little.

Where do I send the check?

I don’t know about you, but I support the troops. John Kreese included.

But you did it to prove me wrong from 3 years ago…why?

I didn’t even know you posted in the thread. It was a thread about Justice Hill so I posted in it. I didn’t even reply to you

He does these things to mash people’s taters, Jeff. He also goes to family reunions to meet girls, but he does support the troops…like literally every other person on here.

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I must say the masks make it difficult to identify some the second cousins.

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While we don’t always see things the same, I can appreciate the avatar. It fits.

And he does bring good content, even if it’s not always “truth”. :wink:

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