We could be really good this year &...................

…still struggle to win more than last year.

Reasons to be good:

  1. 4th year Junior QB with a good backup meshing with a very good offensive scheme that Enos developed over last season.
  2. Lots of Senior proven winners at receiver, tight end, right tackle, and center on offense. There are glimmers of great potential at left tackle and left guard that could be the key for this offense being very good at some point, hopefully early, this year.
  3. A top running back recruit, Whaley, added to a physical Senior leader, Walker, and a returning runner with great potential in Rawleigh, which could give us a deep power running combo of tailbacks.
  4. Lots of Seniors peaking at the right time in the defensive line.
  5. A secondary that may have solidified in the spring with experience and new coaching.
  6. Good starters at linebacker and some depth, finally, behind them.
  7. Talent in the kicking game that appears to be ready to step up and perform to expectations.

Reasons to struggle:

A. Another tough early season schedule like last year. Louisiana Tech will be good, TCU could be very good, and A&M still has a lot of talent. So far, CBB teams have always finished the season strong at Arkansas but have never started strong. Will that finally change this year?
B. We have gotten Bama’s, LSU’s, OleMiss’s, and most of the rest of the schedule’s attention. Although we have not won, we have played Bama as tough as anyone else on their schedule recently. They will definitely not overlook us. Ole Miss and LSU will be totally focused after our humiliating wins last year.
C. A fullback and H-back have not emerged to lead the way in our running game. Maybe Enos can go with more receivers instead of a fullback or H-back, but they are sorely needed to make our power running game go and take the heat off of our QB.

This is true, but it is much to be preferred to the 0 for Novembers that have been experienced in the not so distant past.

Last year should have been the first year for a CBB coached team to start the season with experienced upper classmen who understood what was expected from them (in the current scheme.) But then the injury bug bit and consumed the early season.

I like your stuff Hogmodo. The Razorbacks have talent, no doubt, on both sides of the ball. Some of it, maybe even a lot, is new and untested and others, particularly on defense have not played up to what has been projected for them.

If the injury bug were to stay away and the Razorbacks had one of those fortunate teams we seem to have ever decade or two, with the right breaks, and strong fourth quarters - - this team might win them all.

I especially like our QB, TE, frosh RB, and the whole receiver corps. On D I like the DLine and offer a prayer for the rest.

Also, we have great, great coordinators.

All of those are good things and I really like the ability, experience, depth and young talent in the defensive front. Defensive ends to hit the QB are the thing that excites me most about this team. Got to hit the QB. Got to make them know they are going to get hit, get hit and get hit again. When that’s in their head, they don’t think so well. And, good things happen for the defense, like interceptions, fumbles and penalties. And, the good guys win.

Number 1 is a pretty big question mark. We don’t know if Austin Allen or any of the other guys can play SEC-quality quarterback. We just don’t know that. If one of these guys can, then we could win 7-9 games counting a bowl win.

If Austin struggles like Brandon did for 2 years+, then it could be a long season.

Clay and others think Austin can get the job done…He looked like a field general and a solid quarterback when I watched the Red-White game on the SEC network. I hope that translates to SEC play.

I do feel our talent level is getting better as it relates to the entire squad. Our coaching appears to be very good.
Things look good going forward under the big man.

I don’t look for Austin to struggle as Brandon did, simply due to the talent around him and the OC in charge. Make a mistake here and there, yes it goes with the territory and the will to win.
We have young talent with question marks, that is where the vets on this team need to step up and guide them, keep them tuned in when/if they make a mistake and keep that fire lit under them.
Injuries are key, hopefully we don’t get hit like last year, but more like the year before when we went injury free for the most part.

I agree. Brandon was thrown into the fire. When he was injured, he had no time to heal and had to play while hurt. Austin, on the other hand, has been nurtured in the system and should be ready to go.