We collapsed against CoState and got the "altitude excuse" from Wally.................

…and others despite the fact that Hawaii had handled the altitude successfully coming from sea level but we couln’t coming from the Boston Mountains.

Now, we collapsed again against Ole Miss when they were the stronger team in the 4th quarter. Despite the promises of a better conditioned team that would finish strong, it has not happened.

Losing against Ole Miss had nothing to do with conditioning. It does have alot to do with a fragile “fear of failure” mentality that this team has had since the Bielema era. Morris didn’t create this trend. And its a definite trend. A real issue.

He does have to fix it. But let’s not forget, he didn’t create the problem. But he will have to fix it…and I think he will.

Oh…and losing Rakeem, Devwah, Ty and Sosa didn’t help at all. We lack depth in a bad way. Morris didn;t create that either.

I was a Bret supporter. I admit it. But he didn’t recruit well once the staff turned over. I can’t pretend he did.

I think Hogmaestro nailed it when he said the injuries to Body, Devwah and Ty sealed the loss. Our defense is not good enough to stop a good offense so we have to score a lot to win. Without those three our offense collapsed.

I do not think Ole Miss would have won had Arkansas not lost its starting quarterback and running back. Ole Miss had no answer at the start of the game. Imagine how it would have looked once the defense was tired.

That word again, PROMISED. Who promised? Our WH writers? Wally? CCM? Let’s see the quote. :sunglasses:

We had 4 great wins in a row against those people. Our luck ran out Saturday night. We lost Storey late and Boyd early. The coaches were too conservative on both side of the ball, in my view. Scoring only 6 points against Ole Miss in the 2 half? All those factors and a couple more just made the difference. The weather was a factor…had it been good, the sold out crowd would have been very loud. The rain and the small turnout of sold tickets hurt, too. The fans that did go are to be applauded.

Probably the biggest factor in our loss was their quarterback was really good. He was a difference maker and we seldom hit him like they hit Storey.

Conditioning had nothing to do with losing that game. Lack of depth at QB and on defense was telling, but that’s not the same thing as the team being poorly conditioned.

I didn’t and don’t think the altitude had anything to do with the loss with the Colorado State.

Just as I don’t think the turf was the cause of the injuries on Saturday.

I think Arkansas lost at Colorado State because they got to conservative in the fourth quarter.

I think Arkansas lost to Ole Miss because Boyd, Whaley and Storey got hurt and Arkansas got too conservative on offense and defense.

I don’t think conditioning had anything to do with that loss at all.

That’s an excuse just like you are accusing others of offering up.

Don’t take one guy and try to say we are all doing it.

you’re exactly right Dudley those 2 losses are on the coaches,things could have been done to score pts but they played it safe and that’s fine if you have the defense to protect you but this defense is nowhere near good enough to trust them we played nothing like the “hammer down” full throttle CCM is advocating and why I had such a hard time watching that the other night.

“Others” does not mean “everybody.” Wally and Clay are the ones I remember citing the altitude as one of the causes of the Colorado Collapse. I did not intend to lump all of you into that basket. Last Saturday, Ole Miss’ offensive and defensive lines were stronger in the 4th quarter than ours. There seemed to be no doubt in theirs or our team’s minds that the final drive would win the game for Ole Miss.

I hear you but I don’t really know what could’ve been done. You don’t have Boyd, Whaley, M Williams, or Hammonds so Hayden is your only running back. No Ty Storey, Craddock said Ole Miss began taking O’Grady away. So you put the ball in Cole Kelly’s hands and assume that he’s going to make the right read, see open receivers, be accurate, etc.

I understand what you’re saying and I tend to agree somewhat but given those circumstances CCM didn’t have a whole lot of options

So it was Wally and an other? Not others?

Others suggest several. That’s all I am trying to get across.

Well “others” could also include posters who bought that logic, more than one, NOT everybody.

Fear of failure is a just plain scared person.
No one that plays sports is afraid of failure.

These players ALL expect to win no matter the coach but as Dudley said when injuries hit and they went conservative it was over.
You cannot kick FG in college football and expect to win

That was a lot of CBB issue all of his years here. He would get a lead and just run the ball but our defense could not stop anyone so they catch up.

Its very hard to gear back up after you throttled down

Well let’s get the rocket science book out to figure this one out. We collapsed well before anyone on this staff ever showed up. Here’s what’s obvious to me: there are some really good players on this team, who thankfully have improved this year under the right leadership and coaching. Then, there are players here who have no hope and exemplify why depth (which we all agree we don’t have) is so freakin’ important. It sucks to be stuck with poor talent. Or maybe they aren’t poor talent, they just haven’t been coached up for the last 4 years.


You tell me right now how that coaching staff or any coaching staff was going to do anything, ANYTHING, to score points when CK can’t get it done, and we had no running game. WAKE UP. We lost Storey, Whaley, Boyd, Sosa, and Chase can’t exactly block a pass rush. You lost me here. I wish you had been the player on the throwback so we could have all watched what you could have done with ball and been amazed by your superb talent level. You could probably just have used your brain to make all the defensive players fall down as you walked down the field to the end zone. And, then, all the fans in the stands minds could have been blown into a firework display that we all could have coined the “second coming of miracle on markham”. Jesus help us!

I think per Yardmans previous posts,
Hammer down with freshman QB Conner Noland to compensate for the loss of Ty, Devwah, Rakeem and rally to victory.
Who knows it may have worked.

what I was saying we could tried to get the LB’s off the run game with the TE(like in Bama game) and made them cover the middle of the field I think CK can make those throws,crosssing routes,pick routes anything to confuse a very inexperienced secondary we slipped Boyd out over the middle for a huge gain but never came back to it.

The slant was open all night(they are horrrible in the secondary even when they are healthy) as you saw,he catches that ball that would have been a HUGE play.I always say if its broke you TRY to fix it you don’t just let it stay broke and our run game just wasn’t getting it done. b/c they had no fear of a pass coming

I’m confused. Are you saying the coach didn’t get the TE open, or that CK should have thrown to them. Because the were open and he threw into coverage and caused us to punt on the second to last possession. Grady was wide open in the middle of the field. I could be wrong, but CM said in the PC that CK threw to the wrong man, but maybe I’m confusing that with another play. Just go back and watch the film. Break it down. I see it differently. We are up 33-24 with 7 minutes left. We gave up an easy TD at the end of the 1st half. So many things to be upset about other than the decisions late in the 4th q when 4 of your best players are on the sideline and you have a 9 point lead.

I’m pretty sure the guy that had watched him practice all week knew it wouldn’t work.