We cannot run the football

But man, I haven’t said one word!! :frowning:

RPO Blocking does not call for that type of blocking. The lineman block the play as a run. The only player who has to decide anything either pre-snap or post snap is the quarterback. Evidently you have no idea what an RPO is.

I didn’t see a lot of RPO. Storey said afterwards a lot was kept under wraps. Guess they knew they’d win easily and they did. The run game was missing, though. Everyone could see that the left side was not able to control that side. There was some cross blocking in the second half that opened up some holes. The good news is that when the safeties came into the box, they were exposed deep. That’s a good sign. They should be able to move the ball in most games. I do think getting Colton Jackson back will help.

I thought there might be a few more wrinkles in this game. There were not. It was pretty vanilla in the play calling. There was not one counter or reverse. There was not one jet sweep. That stuff will be called. I think getting some of these backs into space would help in the run game.

I would think we had some issues with 3 new OL starters too. Ty was the only one that could be a run threat to reach the potential of an RPO. Ty made an impact with the few runs he had to put it on film that HE is a threat to run on the RPO. Ty also showed he can move around to extend the play and find an open receiver. We proved we can burn them with the pass if they put the safeties in run support. I assume we will see more RPO with Ty at CSU and that SHOULD change the defense’s ability to flood our 5 with 8.

We had an easy opponent that didn’t make us open the play book. We also showed we have a QB that can burn them with the pass AND is a TRUE threat to run… so now the RPO will be more effective. Now we have 2 weeks of NON SEC games that is desperately needed for fixing the issue unrelated to talent. We have heard that Colton Jackson is ahead of schedule so we may have him by UNT or AU. UNT looks much better than CSU so that gives us elevated play each of the next 2 weeks so we can develop some players on the Oline.

Sat, Sept. 8 at Colorado State Fort Collins, Colo. 6:30 p.m. CBS Sports Network

Sat, Sept. 15 North Texas Fayetteville, Ark. 3 p.m. SEC Network Alternate

One problem is the depth chart Whaley should not be a starter… imo it should go Chase Hayden, Rakeem Boyd/Maleek Williams tied for second, TJ Hammonds, Devwah Whaley

Whaley had some holes last year and did little with it he is not a feature back imo

I assume you’re talking to me Jantzen… look buddy I know exactly how to block the RPO the OL sells the run!! they don’t just stay on the LOS they have a 2-3 yrd buffer zone that they can fire out and block we did none of that!

this is what’s suppose to look like!!..don’t know to block the RPO…LOL I’m have coached OL for 30+ yrs just in case you didn’t know.


The way you guys are after each other after a 55-20 win makes me shudder what it is going to be like when they start to lose games - as we all know they will.

All of you bring something to the table here on the board.

Play nice and don’t belittle each other even if you have differing viewpoints.

Sometimes this is a great place for debate and others it is like my wife’s fourth grade class when she was teaching.

The line did not play well in terms of run blocking. Adding Jackson, Capps and Wagner is likely to help that, but it is not going to be great this season and that needs to be accepted while hoping and looking for improvement on a daily and game basis.

Devwah starts because the old coaches and the new coaches watch him daily and think he is the best one of the candidates - not No. 5. He’s lost 15 pounds and is in the best shape of his career.

Each of the five have pluses and minuses, but it appeared to be the lack of a running game on Saturday was more about the guys up front than those in the backfield.

Arkansas OL coach Dustin Fry played in the NFL. I think he knows what he is doing. He’s certainly more respected than the last guy holding the position.

The boss nails it.

I would think that against EIU a vanilla run game would result in better than 2.2 yds per carry

I think you are wrong on this one Dudley and I think time will tell Whaley is not the better of the backs and Cole Kelly isn’t the better of the QB’s… Coaches can make the mistake of being political. Chase Hayden should be the feature back and I’m confident time, if the Lord will, will tell the Storey