We cannot run the football

Going to be in trouble when we face a good team.

Yep line is as advertised, hope it gets better until they recruit there way out

Yep…they have to get this sorted. If not, long year.

O-line may improve. Gotta give them that. But no movt today.

Still—I’m happy.

We will run well enough. Probably not as well as we have in the last several years, but we will score a lot. I’m good.

This offensive line is incredibly soft in the Run game they don’t even fire out off the football they stand up and try to titty block that will never get it done in the SEC you can’t just all of a sudden become a man overnight we need some men up there and we need to have them firing off the football. Don’t really know what Fry’s teaching them but standing up and titty blocking is not going to work. Good job of pass blocking against Eastern Illinois I will give them credit for that

I would think you would know that the RPO calls for exactly that kind of blocking, because you don’t know until the snap whether it’s going to be a run or a pass. But evidently you don’t know that.

here’s what I know buddy 37 carries for 80 yds. telling me I don’t know that is about as STUPID as they come(consierding I coached the OL for 30+ yrs) but considering the source maybe not…you are suppose to SELL the run meaning get your butt off the ball to make the defense react to run you don’t just stand straight up and get get absolutely no movement!!!never run the ball that way. but that’s why we passed block well because we showed pass all day!

here’s what its supposed to look like!!! notice how the line fire out and sells run!! and the safety reacts to it!!


Youdaman is correct on this one. We are soft run blocking. I WATCHED our oline for the RPO stuff, but came away disappointed. Maybe these new younger guys will improve over the next few weeks before SEC play starts. But it’s going to be a LONG season if they don’t get some of this corrected. The SEC is a grown mans league at the LOS and we looked bad running the ball today against a weak opponent. We better get us some hosses signed in this class.

Topic should be named “We did not run the football” instead of “We cannot run the football”. Not saying it looked good, but I’ve got a feeling g we’ll see some changes after watching film.

Jeff lecturing you on Oline play is like Bret Bielema lecturing Chad Morris on personal fitness! LOL

What happened to Austin Capps at LG? I was surprised to see Clary in when Capps was shown on the two deep. Did I miss an injury report?

I don’t know I was wondering why Capps didn’t play I think he has a lot of potential

If someone can fire Brett twice or get our money back on O line alone, I’m all in.

Not to excuse the O-Line, but Maleek Williams was the only back I saw stick his nose in there and run straight ahead. Too much dancing while looking for a hole by some of the others.

Swine can’t help himself, his head is filled with idiots that need moderating…

No question our ineffectiveness at running the ball is a direct result of poor OL play. They will improve as the season progresses. I don’t think it will be enough to produce a viable running game in conference play. I suspect our troubles on the OL is a combination of lack of experience and lack of talent. I will be pleasantly shocked if this team can mange 6 wins. It’s going to take some time to clean up what BB left.

If the shoe fits…

I was calling for Maleek to be in there from the second quarter on. I have made my views on this known for quite a while now. Continue to be unimpressed by the play of our starter, though I think he’s a fine young man. Maleek runs each play with passion - like it’s 3rd and 5 and he’s GOT to get a first down. I don’t see that our of our other backs.

For you older fans, he reminds me of Michael Forest.

I would take Michael any day. He knew how to make a hole!

I think EIU didn’t believe we could beat them with our passing game. The sold out on the run alot which played a role in us not being able to run the ball. Line did okay in pass protection but does need to improve in the running game. I agree that we needed to get Maleek more involved in the running game. He is very physical and can set the table for our other RBs.