We can’t tackle

Poorest tackling team I’ve ever seen. Toughness, discipline, everything lacking

Yep. Nothing has changed over the past few weeks as to tackling.

Fortunately we played one that can’t tackle either

I don’t think you play SEC/major college football without being plenty tough. Maybe you’ve played it, maybe not. I call it lack of physical ability as opposed to lack of toughness.


Thought the Alabama defense looked as poor as I have seen the Tide have in a while. Seems that they got a similar version of pass interference calls we got today. Think they set a record for penalties as well. Appeared to be the most mistake prone Alabama team in some time as well. Tennessee is pretty good, but now they will have to control their arrogance. Sure hate living in West Tennessee when Tennessee and Ole Miss are winning.

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Very good post.

I call
It the walking wounded playing with heart! They are beat up and have lost several key players these first 7 weeks!

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