We can sure play

Some stupid basketball at times. Brilliant at times. Then we go stupid.

Can you believe this??
These guys are keeping SC in the game.
Wow! Big 3 pointer by Barford!

this team has no chance! horrible half court team!! will get abused tomorrow unless we play much much better!

Yea… Gotta agree, we can be stupid at times

The goal is to win the game.

It doesn’t have to be pretty.

The reason they survived some bad stretches was because they played really well for some stretches

Winning never seems to be enough


The goal is to win the game.

It doesn’t have to be pretty.

The reason they survived some bad stretches was because they played really well for some stretches

Winning never seems to be enough

[/quote]I’ll take winning anytime, but when they outscored us something like 18 to 5 with over three minutes to play and only a 2 point lead, I certainly was nervous. If Barford doesn’t make that long distance well guarded buzzer-beater, SC probably wins.

dudley is right, winning is enough. but we have given up leads all year because of questionable on court decisions by our players. gotta admit we have struggled putting teams away.

even the announcers asked macon about it after the game.

just saying, with as good as they play during stretches of games, if we could just eliminate some of these questionable decisions it might make the game easier for us.

we did not play well last night, macon pointed this out on tv. yet we won. i would take a sec trophy home and look like that all day long.

Great point Dudley! Winning never seems to be enough for our fans

I don’t see any issue with people saying we played bad. We did not play smart or good and it is ok to say that. But the folks who want to say we are going to get crushed in the next game because of previous game performance are idiotic. Do these people not watch college basketball? I expect we will play great against Florida and look like a different team.

There was a game on between North Carolina and Miami at the same time as ours and it was capital “U” Ugly. Just win. That is the key. Win to look better tomorrow.

Isn’t the point of a discussion board to discuss the game? I guess we could just post “University of Arkansas, Fayetteville Won…enough said. See ya next week.”

I liked the game. It felt to me like the coaches took advantage of Gafford and Barford’s foul trouble to keep them on the bench for long periods and still maintained a lead. I thought it was great tournament game management. You get a win in the first game and everyone broke a sweat. Playing the next night against an up-tempo team is never easy but we got a win in game one, no one got hurt, and you still have legs. Well done.

We make some boneheaded plays but they are most glaring on OFFENSE with dribbling into oblivion. As for defense, We needed to use the trapping man last night. I’m not sure if it is always a stupid play OR just a function of Trapping Man leaving someone with an open 3 or a big that gets open on a slow rotation of our defender. It is exposing our lack of cat quick guards with long arms and that shows we are just not as good as what we remember from the good ole days. We make bad decisions with the trapping and switches that leave someone open

Absolutely. But I also get to offer up an opinion as well.

You do realize you can’t give up a lead unless you had the lead, right? If all of the bad plays were in the first half and all of the good plays were in the second half, you’d be praising the coach.

Bam. Well said Dudley. Some folks want to come on here and give their opinion about our team, and then get mad at us for giving our opinion of their opinion. Can’t have it both ways. Run your mouth. We will run ours. That’s the “discussion”.

We held USC to around 0.95 points per possession on 45% from the field. Let it be noted that we got killed on the defensive glass and had our 11th best defensive performance of the season by raw efficiency. The defense was fine. They only shot 32% from the arc, which is pretty typical in our wins. USC has been a mediocre offensive team, but they had been scoring more efficiently lately.

Where we were below average was on offense. However, USC is a top-20 defensive team. Lots of teams have struggled on O against them. The refs were allowing both teams to be physical for most of the game, which helped both defenses. USC fouls more frequently than we do. Our guards did a good job of getting to the line. When Beard, Barford, and Macon shoot 19 FTAs, that’s a big boon to our FT%, though Bailey stepped up and made 5 of 6 also. The big absence on O was Macon going 0 for 5 from the arc. If he makes his usual 2 or 3 treys, we cruise to a victory.

On offense I though we missed Dustin some. USC is a big, physical team that isn’t especially quick. They zoned quite a bit. We could have used Dustin at the high post in the zone last night. The smaller UF team should be a better matchup for what Bailey, Cook, and Gabe do well. The absence of Dustin didn’t hurt us on D against the big USC frontline, which was an encouraging result.

I did praise our coach. He’s not on the floor making questionable decisions. Just seems our players go stupid at times. For long stretches. Hey I’m happy we won. I thought a great coaching move last night was at end of half when Silva went out and they started bombing threes he went to cook and bailey inside to get smaller and quicker. Never meant to criticize Anderson, it’s the players.