We can still have a good season

This hurts. We gave it away & then the Ags took the momentum & capitalized. Sucks. But this can still be a 9 win team. Unfortunately, before tonight I was thinking it could be a really special season. I guess that’s still possible, but now just need to see improvement.

We need big time improvement on the goal line.

Not after watching other SEC games today. This was the step back I expected. Maybe me adjusting my 5-7 was a bit too soon.

We’re just not very good… Inconsistent, bad play calling, too many penalties… It just doens’t end… 5 years of mediocrity … I dont’ see that ending any time soon. We’re just not an SEC team…we should move to Big 12 or some other conference…the 3 yards and a cloud of dust just doesn’t work anymore…

Well, I guess the sky really is falling. Why don’t we just drop football altogether?

3 yards and a cloud of dust?

Silly post.

The run first mentality just doesn’t work… We can continue to play football but we need to make sure the expectations are correct… Mid tier SEC at best… Blown out by an A&M team that isn’t that good… With Florida and Alabama coming up what is your expectation?

Not suggesting the sky is falling or that we should give up football… Just that we should acknowledge we’re not SEC competitive … .If you think we are I’d like to know why… What do we do that makes us an SEC competitive team? Even Alabama is changing their offensive strategy…

Nope, just being realistic about the hogs… The sky is not falling… Just looking at things from a realistic standpoint… Sky would have to have been high for it to fall.

I predicted 8-4. I’ll still stick to that.

The 20 play and no points changed everything. Credit to A&M.

They had more playmakers and team speed.

At least we will always beat (most) conf USA teams in recruiting.

I don’t know what game people were watching but the one I watched showed 3 turnovers by usabd Failure to score from the goal line. No one is going to win games like that. Hogs had their chances. I still think this is a good team. Play calling was good also. Can’t win when shooting yourself in the foot. I told my daughter at halftime that the game was over. Too many points left on the field. Wish I was wrong but you see the result. Hogs will recover.

In other words, the 3 stars we are coaching “up” isn’t getting it done against the big boys of the SEC.

Pessimists always claim they’re realists. No one thinks we’re Alabama, but from what I’ve seen of the SEC this year, we could very well still be in the top 3-4. That’s “competitive in the SEC.” We might have gotten our hopes too high after the TCU win, but we’ve always known this is a killer schedule & the SEC is a killer conference. There’s not a team on our schedule we can’t beat & not a team on it that can’t beat us. That we lost to a very good A&M team is hardly a reason to talk about going to the Big 12 or some such mess as that.

Some of that, but not making plays when you’re down at the goal line along with not playing clean ball also is a killer. There were several opportunities.

Also the D played very poorly in the 2nd half.

Not competitive? You do realize we won 5 conference games last year? Who left on the schedule besides Bama would it be shocking if we beat?

Ole Miss? Have beaten them two straight years.
Auburn? Beat them last year. Have a great FG kicker, but forgot you get 7 points for running across the goalline.
LSU? See Ole Miss…same song, second verse.
Florida? Manhandled in the second half by the exact same UT team we beat in Knoxville last year.
MSU? I think we’re better than Southern Miss, so…
Mizzou? Ummm, no.

Ole Miss is better than aTm.
Auburn played better today than we did
LSU, we will see
Florida, the team we took to Knoxville ain’t here or we would of won. TN is MUCH better than us.
MSU we should win, but Bret always has a brainfart game
Mizzou. Better than you expect

Yes, we can still have a good season. I don’t believe we will have a great season. No way we are going to beat Alabama.
Ole Miss looks pretty good. Florida blew a 21 point lead on the road against Tennessee, and I believe the Hogs are better
than Tennessee. I believe we’re about an 8-4 team, and we’ll probably go to some mid-level bowl.

i’m not responding the defeatist whiners. I think we are going to be ok in spite of the talent differential we saw tonight. Our Oline is a weakness, but I think we just played against an Oline and especially a Dline that will match Bama. I was surprised at how good A&M’s Oline was. Their Dline is feakish and high performing.

In spite of all that We were still tied after multiple fumbles at 17 all. We were devastated by driving 94 yards for a go ahead touch and couldn’t punch it in. I reiterate the Oline is a problem but A&M’s Dline is great with Bama and Ole Miss as the only 2 Dlines that will be this good. We have been spoiled by some great Oline talent and performance that isn’t there this year.

The truth is that Trevor Knight broke our back with big runs. Most of their rushing yardage was big chunk plays. Sadly, Bama has a QB just like Knight so that is not good news. The 92 yard TD pass to Reynolds was another killer. Their Oline worked us over - Dline and LB’s were beat often.

A&M is the better team and it hurts to say that. We need better quality players and it all comes down to recruiting. I know that CBB has improved our talent but we need to close on some higher quality talent to close out this signing class.

That is stupid