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I am so tired of being “blacked out” of games. I’ve nearly forgotten what it was to be able to see Houston, 507 mi, play (along with KC-238, StL-366, and Texas-348).

Who do you use Marty??

I have YTTV. I only get the ESPN networks, FS1, FS2, and I used to get the MLB network. But MLB and YTTV are having a spat. So unless a game is on one of the Fox networks or ESPN, I’m SOL. Oh, and I get TBS, etc.

I used to have DirecTV before going to streaming. DirecTV allowed me to see all KC games, etc. (I had the sports package.) The first season after I quit DTV, I used HULU and got a couple of Fox Sports regional networks. Then the next year, I prepared to go back to Hulu, and they no longer carried any of that.

I would be glad to pay for MLB.TV, but I am blacked out for those teams noted in the OP. Blacked out for Houston? That’s just nuts. I used to watch lots of KC games, even when they were awful. I started as a StL fan, but during the summer of '70 I was in school in Fayetteville. I boarded my horse at the fairgrounds and cared for him and rode nearly every day. I would tie my transistor radio to my saddle and listen to games. I had trouble getting the Cards, but I could get the Royals on KGGF AM out of Coffeyville, KS. That is when I became a Royals fan.

As I’m sure you know, local stations seldom carry “local” baseball any more. That makes the black outs even more annoying.

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have direct tv and can watch the yankees on their yes network…except when they play texas;kansas city or houston…can still watch the game but have to listen to the local team announcers instead of the yankee ones…although im sure would apply it for the cardinals too and the local fox station in little rock has been removed because of the cash issue…only reason i still keep direct tv

It is crazy how they do those blackouts. I have a friend who watches sports for free off of a Chromecast type situation(I think that’s right) I don’t really understand it to be honest.

I know I did watch NFL football for free this year after he gave me a link that allows you to do that.

You may want to Google Major League baseball free streaming and see if that will allow you to watch the games …I know it’s out there because I’ve been over his house and watched major league baseball for free.

Try Crackstreams.com. it says you can watch MLB on there… go to Google and type it in this link does not load from here. Down at the bottom of that page there is a link to Redditstreams.com that also may be showing them

An article on the issue:

I looked up Bally Sports+ and my zip code in in the Bally Sports SW area. No KC Royals.

Check out Crackstreams.com and Redditstreams.com and see if you have any luck streaming games off of there… doesn’t cost anything.

Those would also be slightly illegal, if that matters. But my son watches Hog games off a pirated stream, so I don’t have much room to talk either. The illegal activity, as I understand it, is by the person who posts the stream, not the people who watch it, although UFC tried to sue people for watching pirated streams several years ago.

Yeah I have heard that but Hey if it’s free it’s for me :slightly_smiling_face: Lord knows we get gouged on everything else. Yes the person who’s streaming it is the one whose butt is on the line.

@Baumbastic_Hawg Question Marty…I cut the cord Monday and signed on to YTTV. I’m thinking why did I not listen to all of y’all sooner. I customized the channel lineup online but it’s still showing up on default on the TV. I’ve googled the problem but have not found anything yet that helps. Am I missing something?


Go to your Live channel view.
Just above the channel listing is a set of lines. (See picture, the white area in the top left of the channel listing).

Click on that and set it as you wish.


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I frequently hear posters here talking about blackouts. Have any of you tried a VPN? I’ve used Express VPN to get around some Canadian streaming blockers and it worked like a champ.

I tried for a while, but I could never get it to work on MLB(dot)TV.

Thanks Marty. Glad I switched.

I also have YTTV. I pay for the Bally’s app separate for $20/month and get the Royals. Also got the Thunder. I’m only planning to pay for that during baseball season but may extend if they continue to carry Thunder games next year. I live in Rogers.

Thanks for that. I’ll check it out. I thought that wouldn’t work for me.I see that the Royals are the only MLB team listed. I’ll try it out.

After reading a little further: **“Note: Currently only select regions offer their live MLB games and related MLB content on Bally Sports+ including Bally Sports Detroit (Detroit Tigers), Bally Sports Florida (Miami Marlins), Bally Sports Kansas City (Kansas City Royals), Bally Sports Wisconsin (Milwaukee Brewers) and Bally Sports Sun (Tampa Bay Rays).”

Astros don’t have Diamond/Bally, their RSN is under Warner Bros Discovery. You’d probably get some Stros’ road games carried by Bally though.

Yeah, I saw that as noted in my post. I think I’m connected now.

We tried going to YTTV recently and using Express VPN to get the Braves with the MLB package. It was hit or miss on the TV using an Amazon Firestick. You can’t use a VPN with a ROKU, and we really didn’t want to install it on our router. It did work on our laptop, but we like to watch on the TV. Our cable and internet package was costing almost $250 a month. A conversation with Spectrum reduced it to $130 a month for at least two years.

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