We can end it at 735

Play JSJ or KJ. The SEC streak can stop at 735 days next week.

I believe it is possible to win 3 of the next 4 games.
Kentucky whipping up on MO.

I’m not sure a new QB is going to be the magic cure for everything that ails this team. Mississippi State is not a good team this year, but it isn’t a pushover either.

Agreed, but do you think at some point, we’ve got to get the future of our program the reps he needs? And I’m not just saying a few small packages a game.

Can’t get any worse than Starkel

I think a change at QB might provide a spark, although I didn’t see much tonight that tells me Jones gives the team a better chance to win. He didn’t turn the ball over and led a scoring drive. That was a start.

I’d load the box and make JSJ prove he can beat me with his arm… saw a bunch of stuff in the short game but nothing downfield.

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How, are we getting a new head coach tomorrow?

I think that was mostly by design. We all know that Jones arm is no where near the level of Starkel’s, but he would be unfair to judge Jones on something we have not seen yet.

I’m not judging… just saying I saw nothing downfield so if I’m MSU I load the box and make him prove it.

If we don’t turn the ball over at QB we can beat Miss St IMO

Next week is essential for us. If we win, I have a bit of hope for next year. Lose again, even a win over WKU won’t really make me feel better. I think it’s possible to win 3 of our last 4, but I’m not at all optimistic about that prospect. Next week is so important, though.

Please please someone tell me anything about this staff and team that gives you hope for next year.

The MSU QB will have his record day and I assure you State has better athletes than Arkansas

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We tend to make whoever we are playing the best team in America. Miss State will look that way next week. I know they aren’t very good but they nailed us last year. I don’t think we are as good this year as we were last year.

I’ve seen nothing that gives me hope. However, I have not yet concluded that this staff is unable to do better if it gets more players, particularly in the lines. That’s why I’m waiting for the year to play out.

I expect to see Mississippi State attack Arkansas on the edges with RPO. Garrett Shrader is a good runner, maybe a little better than Bo Nix last week, and Kylin Hill has ran well most games this year. Mississippi State seems to like to throw a lot of the short passes that Alabama hit in the first half tonight. I suspect MSU will be able to move the ball next week. Can Arkansas score enough to hang around? I think it is questionable given the status of the QB and the health of the offensive line.

I was curious why they let the mindless starkel throw one ill advised throw after another downfield, but not let jsj throw one pass downfield. They give the interception prone starkel all the rope and jsj none. I agree he does not look the parts but one of the interesting things about life is looks don’t tell the real story.

Jones provided a little spark but he came in after some of the starters had been pulled and the others had played several minutes. JSJ was fresh and still looked slow to me against the Tides speedy defense. I honestly can’t find any aspect of the game where we are proficient, not trying to rub salt in the wound just saying what I see. At this point right now I don’t see us winning but one more game at best even as bad as Mizzou is looking they always play well against the Hogs. I have absolutely no answer but I do know changing OC at LSU and Kansas has paid dividends so that might be a avenue that would help, but that makes you wonder if anyone that’s worth their salt would even entertain coming into this situation. If we play Jefferson now and he looks bad for whatever reason we will have nothing to lean on going into next season as a glimmer of hope. We are in a very tough place right now but a new day dawns every morning! WPS

Every team moves the ball against us. We only win if we don’t make mistakes. We’ve had offensive yards and movement, but starkel makes mind numbing decisions with the football and is inaccurate no matter how strong his arm.