We can do this!

First of all we are built to win this thing.

We have the best team left. I can almost taste it. WIN tonight and move on to play for the NC. It’s our turn. What do you think?

Pitching Singer is a desperation move. IMO They are hoping they can jump to a big run inning in the first few innings. Like 5-8 runs. Then they have got to get Singer out of the game with a lead. They need Singer ready for next week. IF it takes him 100 pitches then there will be nothing left in the tank.

Stay calm but HUNGRY. I mean like a team on a mission. DVH has got to be a bit nervous himself. Say what you want I think this is the BEST we have every had. 2-2 is the best Dave has done. It’s our time! WHY NOT US. And when we win this the National media will make nothing but excuses.

We need a fair called game and those that have not had that hit, or a double we need you tonight.

I sure didn’t want to play Florida but, it’s there time to play so let’s go get them. No errors as a matter of fact play the best game you have had.

EVERY game several stand up and have great game. TIME to pull together as a team.

FANS Lets all stand up and call those Hogs.

Gime me another reason, thoughts?

Oh we are very capable just have to get off to a good start we don’t need to let them get the momentum before we even bat that is a huge thing to watch. I don’t think pitching singer is a desperation pitching singer is a desperation move he is there Ace DVH said we would probably pitch Knight if we were in that situation. They are a very good team but they know we do not fear them and a very capable of beating them we just need to get about 5 good Innings from Campbell with them only getting one or two runs I think we will be fine

O’Sullivan isn’t thinking about next week. He’s thinking about tonight.

Remember in 2009 when we put Dallas Keuchel into the elimination game against Virginia, the one Eibner tied with the ninth-inning bomb? DVH put Dallas in because we needed to save the season. Of course he wasn’t there the next night against LSU and they thrashed us, but saving Singer for next week doesn’t help if his next pitching assignment is at his first minor league appearance in the Tigers system. Singer is pitching tonight to get them to Saturday, never mind to Monday.

I looked at the OSU rotation. Molester pitched in Game 1 vs UNC and got waxed. Tomorrow would be one week since Game 1. I’m pretty sure the Beavs will pitch him tomorrow to get to Monday, assuming they don’t blow this 5-run lead against the Leghumpers.

Exactly. When it’s do or die, you better do.

Molester just pitched for the second time a couple days ago no way he’ll be throwing tomorrow.

You’re correct. He was gone so fast I missed that. He might come in for last-ditch relief tomorrow though; same idea, that it makes no sense to save him for a CS that may not happen.

I really think if Campbell throws shutdown for at least 3 or 4 innings - would love to get 5, we will win today. IOW that would give us a chance to get out on top hopefully by crooked number, and turn game over to our very good pen. I think either way, we have the weapons to get a victory, but doesn’t seem likely our offense will keep putting up 8+ runs per contest.

Man I hope Campbell takes a chill pill. One inning while getting ready to pitch you could see his hands shake. He was nervous as heck. I have essential tremors so I can spot a hand a mile away shake. IT’s up to our coaches and players to get the kid relaxed. AND smoke that fastball or whatever right by them.

5 innings and we’re set. WE want to play with the big boys. Now"s our chance!!! Enjoy the moment. 1 pitch at a time…WPS!!!