We can do much better

I predicted we would be 7-5 for this season, next season and the season after that. My point was that Bielema is on average a 7 win a year coach, minus or plus a game from time to time. I thought he was a decent to good coach, but not good enough to make Arkansas a top 20 program or compete for a conference championship. I believed strongly his ceiling at Arkansas was averaging around 7 wins a year and making lower tier bowls.

Despite what some of our fans think, we should be a top 20 program most years. I don’t buy into the poor little Arkansas thinking. I’ve seen to many people saying we should accept we are only a middle of the pack program. They are the people who think they are being a good fan by supporting the coach regardless of how poorly we perform against the rest of the conference. The chips are stacked against poor little Arkansas so we can’t and shouldn’t expect better. However well intended they are, they couldn’t be more wrong. We absolutely can and should do better. We should demand better! The day it becomes clear that the UA is no longer striving for excellence and has become content with mediocrity is the day I walk away and don’t look back.

Arkansas should be one of the better football programs in the country. We should be a consistent top 20 program. Even if we win our last 5 games, a change needs to be made. We will never be the program we can be and should be under Bielema. It appears that I may have give Bielema to much credit. I thought he would average around 7 wins a season here and thought he should be fired based on that. As a fan, I don’t want to wallow in mediocrity, settling for only lower tier bowls. With Bielema, mediocrity is the best we can expect and we may not even be that good under him. It’s time for a change. No guarantees the next coach will get us to where we should be, but we can’t stop trying. There are no guarantees any coach is going to work out when they are hired. That goes for everyone. If they are successful, you try your best to hold onto them. If it becomes clear they aren’t going to be successful, you make a change. I’m more than satisfied that Bielema isn’t going to get us where we need to be. Nobody wishes he would have won here anymore than me. I hate starting over, but once it becomes clear that is what it’s going to take to have success, why put it off? Hopefully, a change will be made right after the season ends and we get the next guy hired as soon as possible.