We can beat both Kentucky and Mississippi State

QB at Kentucky is not very good and Mississippi stay is nowhere near the team they have been on defense and the freshman quarterback is very spotty. If we can continue to improve I think we can win both of those

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If we do, it’ll make that Mizzou game extremely interesting for us.

I agree. Probably means sjs cost us a bowl game

I agree about Kentucky because it is the next game for both teams. I’ll wait to see what Arkansas and Mississippi State look like in late October. I think MSU’s struggles tonight are due in part to not having its starting quarterback in the game. That, and Auburn threw a haymaker in the first six minutes, kind of like the Arkansas game down there a few years ago.

The UK offense is not very good and is really missing its QB. From what I can tell its offensive game plan tonight was to throw alley oops to its receivers and hope they could high point the ball. Granted, South Carolina has a great defensive head coach, but UK looks awful. If Arkansas plays in Lexington with the same intensity it played with today in Arlington, then it has a good chance to win. It’s an important game for both teams. Both are going to be looking for their first SEC victory.

The alley opp pass description is right on Matt. They are woeful tonight. It gives me hope for an SEC win.

thats true Matt,by then MSU will probably have QB back he will be playing the best he’s ever had but their defense is nothing like they have been, if the offense we had today shows up,we should score plenty.

I think both are winnable games, although Matt is absolutely right that many things can change before we play Miss St.

Kentucky just discovered Terry Wilson part two. Bet Bowden starts at QB against us.

Kentucky and Mississippi State are both certainly teams which a team like Arkansas could beat, but the Bulldogs still are more talented than we are in most positions except the offensive skill positions. State is really physical and we are not. I see that game as our chance for Morris to finally get on the board. It should be a battle of the have-nots.

We need to take every game as it comes!

Running QBs kill us… and we have little to no depth… so what will we look like after that monster DL of Auburn comes here and we have to play BAMA the next week before playing MSU? We will be beat up!

Kentucky has a seasoned OL and a huge DL! Can we block them? And stop a running QB?

It all starts in two weeks.

MSU will likely be beat up as well.

Come in to our game after a road trip to Knoxville (UT down but SEC road trips not easy), host LSU, and then a road trip to College Station prior to our game.

Both teams likely beat up and bruised.

This is not the typical Mississippi State team in my opinion as far as physicality. I seen them gets pushed around quite a bit up front on defense. That’s very understandable they lost an incredible d-line last year so they’re obviously very young.

Kentucky d-line is very big but also very slow I think we probably try to run the edges against them. The problem with our team is you just never know how they’re going to play from week to week.
We have to take what we did yesterday and improve on it and if that’s the case we can win those two games in my opinion

Not sure I am ready to dub Lynn Bowden the next great thing after mop-up duty in which he went 2-of-2 passing for 7 yards and rushed 6 times for 44 yards, but we’ll see. He is a pretty good WR and playmaker for sure.

We can beat both of them and we can be beat by both of them. Hopefully we have learned from last week and build on the effort of yesterday.

Unforced penalties and turnovers matter. Coaches like to say during a game it usually comes down to something like 5-8 key plays and who makes them will win. Youth is why coaches lose hair and their jobs but it gets better if the mistakes are learned and not repeated during critical points in game. We made some of same mistakes yesterday like Ole Miss game and both cost us at key times in game.

Both Ark and Ky need the open date to regroup and figure out what they have after five games. Long stretch of games left against better competition but I think Ark has better playmakers and Ky has better line play. MSU is lacking playmaker at qb and defense appears to be having growing pains too. Missouri is still an unknown but Florida and Georgia will give us insight soon enough.

I was encouraged by both line plays by Hawgs yesterday. Having Bell and Richardson really helps the defensive end line play and play of freshmen is improving there. Soli had a good game yesterday. For all the offensive line issues, I have been surprised by the lack of penalties given the defenses and rotation of different players. I think Coach Fry is doing a better job on technique than we may think. We need depth and no injuries to keep building on progress so far.

Looks like Ole Miss has found a Qb and running game. South Carolina getting better but schedule does them no favors. Auburn is getting better game by game–defense is good . Cream of crop is Alabama and LSU in west ; Georgia in east and ? on Florida.

Good time for all to enjoy a break before resuming the schedule and focus on the fall weather for a week. Still too early to get on basketball wagon (although it is looking promising from stories this week). Let’s hope we indeed turned the corner yesterday and our young team starts to get more confident.

How much of the aTm game was due to them coming into this game & believing we would be an easy win - same as we did against SJS? We had something to prove against a much better aTm team & therefore played at a higher level of intensity vs how we have played during the earlier games of this season.

After this close game & if we continue to play with a higher level, KY & MSU may not see us as an easy win & expect they will be better prepared & not as overconfident.

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If sure as heck go that route - use the open date to give him a package he’s comfortable with and exploit our puppy DEs with lots of motion, misdirection, etc.

This all assumes their QB is still hampered with injuries.

Receivers, offensive line, & defense played much better than expected yesterday. Not sure why CCM could not find that intensity in the earlier games.

No problem with either QB, assuming Hicks can continue to play at the same level. If Starkel could stop forcing bad plays & play smarter, he would be great.

Its not particularly likely, but what the fans, and more importantly the team can hope for is to beat Kentucky, beat Miss State, beat WKentucky (not a given to put it mildly) and get to the Mizzou game, at War Memorial, with a chance at a bowl game.

Not great odds all that falls into place. But its something to hope for…

We can beat both of those teams. As long as they don’t find an Elway for the day.