We burned the place down for a fraud


The big money wanted Gus? If you consider Jerry Jones big money he was pushing for a certain SMU coach. The Stephens I think they are just pushing Scanlon as an AD, never heard if they were pushing Gus.

I think there are about 3 different factions with their own agendas. That is dangerous and sloppy.


Which is how you end up firing the proven AD right before a huge HC search.

And yet you did ask by implication and predictably skewered any answer forthcoming. How does it feel up there on your throne tonite. Please show me where I said it was better for the interim AD to hire the HC than Long. I simply said I’m glad its not Long. Your naiveté is showing if you seriously believe she will actually make that decision. BTW, how did Long’s Rose Bowl coach work out?

Dude, whatever you paid for that course on how to win friends and influence people, you need to ask for a refund. :stuck_out_tongue:


You’re like a 14yr old girl with that drama.

Took a big swing at a big name and he said no, what’s the big deal? It’s why you have multiple people on the list. We will quickly hire Norvell or Morris and move on.

Some of you Chicken Little’s on here kill me.

BTW, as Clay has posted, Jeff Long’s firing has absolutely nothing to do with Gus…NOTHING.

Seriously man, get over yourself.

Jeff, regardless of what your tell yourself when you are looking in the mirror, you were not one of the best ADs in America. What a joke…

Distinction without a difference. If you think it’s better for some shadow AD to be making the call, then, again, I disagree.

As for mocking Long’s pick of Bielema it obviously failed. But, if that’s how we are going to measure ADs (firing them after the fact because a seemingly very strong hire went South) the average life span for most any AD is going to be about 4-5 years.

And, I’m not sitting on any throne. I’ve been mocked for months for supporting a good man and good HC who failed, here.

So, ya, I’m going to call out the phony that is Gus as I have for years. If you don’t like that, it sorta suggests you might be one of the people who is a Gus fan first and Hog fan second. If not, my apologies. Your complaints sorta come off that way.

I always get a kick out of people calling other people names and then telling them to get over themselves.

That said, I would partially agree that it’s no big deal to go after Gus. The issue I have is that they fired Long to do so.

Clay did not unequivocally say that it had nothing to do with the Long. He said he didn’t think it did. And, I’m sure the PTB are making that distinction.

But, the problem is that (other than other really bad, vague reasons) their only reasoning for firing Long was Bielema’s poor end of 2016 and 2017.

I don’t find those reasons to be believable. I’m not doubting Clay. I’m doubting what he is being told.

This sure seems to be a coup on Long to clear the way for Malzahn and pay Long back for perceived slights.

I actually have no problem with you calling out Gus if you believe the things about him you purport. My problem is you also took a full - imo unfair swipe at all the great Arkansas fans that post here who happen to disagree with you about him. Completely unnecessary and comes across as self-congratulatory. Likewise if not, my apologies. Your pot shots sorta seem that way.

This appears to be a failed attempt at humor. I based the statement on the fact that he won the actual award in 2014 and as recent as this year was picked in a poll of his peers as son of the Top ADs.

What basis do you have for thinking that’s a joke? Lemme guess. Bielema tanked. Long picked Pepsi (although not really) and Long is a Yankee. That cover it?

Not trying to start an argument, but I don’t think we will hire anyone quickly. Here is why.

We went after Gus, we threw a ton of money at a guy that is from here and this is his “dream job” (and from the stories the pay was the same, so it’s not about pay), and his wife wanted to “come home.” He said NO. Now, other coaching candidates are gonna know we have more money to offer (Matt Jones said earlier because of Jimbo its 6 million in this league). Of all the coaches mentioned with this search who is a 6 million dollar name? Gus, Leach, Kiffin? They are gonna want more, they want Gus money. The up and comers, Norvell, Morris, Brown, Brohm are gonna take it as an insult to get low balled for 3.5-4 million. Also, all of them are going to want to know why Gus said no, when this was his “dream job” and an offer of 7.1 million.

In my opinion, this was a mistake.

Up & comers aren’t going to expect Jimbo or Gus-type money. They know they can’t command that kind of thing. They will know, however, if they win big, we have the money to grant raises & extensions. Ole Miss is paying Matt Luke $3M. I don’t expect to get by that cheaply, but depending on the coach & whether his current employer is willing to match it, I bet we can hire someone for $4M or less.

Let me clear up any ambiguity. If my posts come off as self-congratulatory with regard to the fans who are Gus fans first and Arkansas fans a distant second, that’s good, because that was my intent.

You appear to really want to be offended and if so I will let you have that. But, I have repeatedly said that if you are not a Gus first, Arkansas second fan, then my posts are not aimed at you.

And, nevertheless, you keep coming back and complaining about pot shots.

I’m not taking pot shots.

I’m being as clear and non passive aggressive as I can be in saying that the people who are Gus 1. Arkansas distant 2. are finally seeing what many of us have thought for a long time and are happy to repeat ad nauseum-- (just as they have told us how this is his “dream” job) Gus is an absolute phony and he has held a lot of smart and important people hostage and made his “home” state and program worse for it.

Those that disagree just don’t know the guy or refuse to look at him objectively.

You conveniently ignored my simple question. who are these people? methinks your are building strawmen, then enjoying yourself as you tear them to shreds. But hey enough of this. I’m confident we are both die-hard Hog fans. Let’s lock arms and support the pgm.


I don’t believe I said up and comers are gonna expect Gus type money, pretty sure I said Kiffin or Leach. As for lowballing, Matt Luke was signed before Jimbo, and Now Gus. When the going price is 6 million and you offer a cocah 7.1 million, then offer your second choice 3-4, yes it’ll cause an issue. Whether we think they’re worth it or not.

Financial malpractice , alienation of the common fan, treating those he deemed lesser than him poorly, not knowing after 10 years how to answer a simple question from a journalist. In short, too big for his britches.

Stop acting like a drama queen and I’ll stop calling you one.

I don’t see us offering Kiffin or Leach, so I don’t guess I gave them any consideration when I posted. But even Kiffin is in no position to expect that kind of money. Leach, maybe, but I doubt it.

I wasn’t ignoring anything convenient or otherwise. What is the question? Who are the people who put Gus first and Arkansas a distant second?

Do you honestly have to ask? Do you really doubt that there are lots of people who fall into that category?

If, so my answer is the people who through their deeds have shown that their priority is not the University but is Gus promotion.

Many of them are in Nwa. Many are big $ people. They aren’t hiding their allegiance and haven’t been.

So the other ADs around the country don’t know a good AD when they deal with one and Biff Malibu does?

:lol: You’re killing me. Stop it. :lol: