We burned the place down for a fraud

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Was always a serious possibility. Disappointing for sure for PTB after clearing a path,

We at least cost Auburn a lot of money. BB had to go anyway, so I don’t think you can say we burned the place down. I am glad Gus is staying, I didn’t want him. So, I am not upset with this news.

No we didn’t burn anything down

We were going to hire a new coach anyway
All we have lost is a little time

And yes I realize we are short on time

Now we can go get us a coach that wants to be HERE

At least Mr Yellowwood has to come up with more $ to pay the Church Chaplain/Deacon to give Love Offerings to Football student Athletes in need so they can play tiger football

Bielema was a fraud and had to go. It was worth a shot to take a big swing at Gus. I don’t understand the angst regarding losing out on the 1st option. That would have been a possibility no matter who was offered. It happens.

On to Norvell, Kiffin or someone else.

Great news -did not want to over pay for Gus. Bret was a disaster had to be fired and so did Jeff if true he was protecting him.

Let’s go get a coach!

The next move will tell us a lot. If getting Gus was the reason all this happened, then there are some nervous folks on the BOT.

Hopefully, some good choices will be made in the next few days. For some reason, I’m not counting on it to happen.

Yeah you’re kind of forgetting firing one of the best ADs in America and then not having a permanent one during your crucial head coaching search that you knew was coming for six weeks.

No, UT burned their place down. Most of the principals we were in on are still in play far as I can tell. We do need an AD, but Ms. C-P has that taken care of for the moment.

Again, burning it down also involves firing a very good AD and not having a clue who you were going to replace him with in the middle of a huge HC search.

Coaches want to know who their boss will be.

And, JCP may be great but we know Long was very good (by any objective measure).

Wrong. Long didn’t have to be fired. That was overkill and was a power move by the people with hurt feel bads.

Regardless, if he “had” to be fired, they “had” to have another AD lined up for a crucial, high stakes search–not someone whose P5 HC hiring history involved sorta helping hire a failed Indiana coach.

And, again, that’s not a slight on JCP. She may be great. But asking her to navigate this situation right out of the chute is a huge ask.

Doestn’t even matter whether that’s true or not…its not burning anything down to fire an AD. Whoever will be hiring the new guy, I’m glad it isn’t Long.

Then you are arguing just to argue because your position makes no sense.

There’s a reason that 99.9 % of the HC searches don’t begin with firing the AD and replacing him with an interim AD to fire the HC.

I won’t even ask why you think it’s better to have JCP making the hire instead of a guy whose last 3 big hires were a sitting NFL HC, a 3-consecutive Rose Bowl participant and a conference rival hoops coach coming off of an Elite 8 and bringing back a 30-win team because any reason you give is going to be absurd.

The Coach’s boss are the individuals who donate the most money to the football program. It’s not truly the AD. That’s why the U of A is in the position it is in currently. Big $ will chose the next HC and possibly AD.

Wrong answer. The big money wanted Gus. They didn’t get him. I doubt they will rally behind anyone else at this point; they’re too busy licking their wounds and looking for someone to blame.

The big money wanted Gus? If you consider Jerry Jones big money he was pushing for a certain SMU coach. The Stephens I think they are just pushing Scanlon as an AD, never heard if they were pushing Gus.

I think there are about 3 different factions with their own agendas. That is dangerous and sloppy.

We will never look back at the Gus bus. I’m sick of hearing about a man that has already turned his back on us before, now twice.

Sloppy is an excellent word to describe the last two weeks, Jeremiah.