We Better Put in Ben Hicks

Starkel isn’t accurate at all tonight! How many times has he thrown it behind the WR tonight? If we don’t make a QB change next series, we are going to lose this game IMO.

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If either Hicks or Starkel were good SEC qb’s they probably wouldn’t be at Arkansas

why did he wait so long to put Hicks in?? I wish he would start the Jefferson kid because he has nothing to lose now… When I say he I mean coach Morris.

Pathetic decision making by Morris to not put Ben in until late third.

Without good o-line play neither of them are going to do much or any qb for matter.

To be fair. Starkel has done this before and delivered late, but I do agree that after the first 3 and out of the second half, Morris probably should have put Hicks in.

When has Starkel ever delivered? Colorado State? Even then he barely completed over 50% of his passes. Against TAMU and SJSU he was a turnover machine.

I have seen enough of Starkel and Hicks in games to now have an opinion…based PURELY on games…not practice…and IMO…Hicks was to right person coming out of camp…and he’s now out performed Starkel in games. Its really not close.