We better enjoy Kopps while we can

I am going to really appreciate watching him because the chance of us getting another closer that dominant is slim and none,same for everybody else.He has been unbelievabe and we would be nowhere near where we are without him because we don’t have anybody that can close to be honest.
We won’t really appreciate how awesome he has been until we watch us try to replace him next yr,scary to think about it

While I agree Kopps is to be appreciated, he wasn’t this Kevin Kopps until this year so I hesitate to say no one can improve and fill his role in years to come.


Cronin wasn’t bad either.

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Cronin was very good but not this dominant, be very hard to get a closer with as many inn as Kopps has and less than 1 ERA.

Zach Jackson was somewhat similar to Kopps his last season if I recall correctly. He was a starter for a portion of the year, then switched to set-up man and closer. I think he was 5-1 with 9 saves and a pretty low ERA.

Oh I think we can find a very dependable closer for sure… I don’t think I’ve seen a closer with this many inn have the ERA he has, I would love for us to find one though.

Very true, Kopps has a big gas tank for sure!

Kopps is arguably the best pitcher in college baseball, playing on the # 1 team in college baseball. And, probably neither would be #1 if they weren’t both together on this Razorback baseball team.

Kopps has several wins because the Razorback team came back with their great offense and got him those wins. Likewise, this Razorback team would not have those wins if they didn’t have Kopps pitching shutout innings while he was in there.

In short, Kopps and this great baseball team really complement each other. The combination has created the #1 ranked team for a bunch of weeks this season.


Jackson was a bit disappointing his last year
It was his sophomore year that he was stellar

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We had a pretty disappointing start last year. Our record when the season was cancelled was not good. I thought we’d turn it around, but obviously no way to know that.

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