We bat first. We have seen all of their pitchers and will start off strong.....................

…and Campbell will pitch the game of his life setting him up for next year and the big leagues. I don’t expect him to dominate, just hold them under 4-5 runs for 5+ innings. I think Ramage has some more to give us in relief. Loseke will pitch some and then Blane Knight will come in for the 9th inning to close this thing out.

It is now time for our hitting to come forward. We hit Singer and Mize well. We can hit these guys. This ain’t over yet. We are playing a very good team with first round big league draft talent in at least four hitters and several pitchers. They think they got this and we need to slap them in the face in the first inning to prove they don’t. JMVVVVHO

Yes Rammage can throw and I bet you blaine night will show up if need be

Knight pitched on two days rest in the regional last year. Think he got one or two batters. You might see that. He’ll want to, just depends on if there is soreness. If there is, he would be wise to tell coaches of that.

Not a good outing for Reindl last night, but he’s capable and proven.

It’s easy to forget Scroggins, but he has some nasty stuff.

I have a feeling our bats will awaken tonight.

Reindl’s issue is between his ears…not sure than can be fixed the next day. Maybe it can…I really don’t know.

No question about that. Everyone handles pressure differently. I’m hardly a great golfer, but in the few local tournaments I’ve played in, I noticed how much harder it is for me to putt than when I’m just out playing with my friends. And that’s just a simple little CC 4-ball.

All I can say is we might have to put him in & see. Got to have a short leash, but if he’s on, he’s our best reliever.

He may be sore now, but at 8p.m. the adrenaline will likely numb any soreness and he’ll feel great.

I think we see Bonin for at least an inning of 95-96 mph fastballs at some point tonight.

I think so, too. If he can maintain control, he’s a good option. His problem always seems to be he’s great for a short stint then falls apart. At least that’s my recollection. But tonight we don’t have many options. Likely that a lot of pitchers will have to step up.

If course, if we are up 13-2 going into bottom of ninth…