We bat first today. Florida is the home team.........................

…so we get a chance to strike first and give Campbell a lead to work with. I like it! Strength against strength. Elite pitching against a murderer’s row of Cole, Martin, Hjerstad, Bonfield, Shaddy, and it does not let up. This is going to be a great game!

i had heard we were Home…

This one should be a coin flip.

Arkansas is the away team tonight; would be the home team tomorrow if there is a game.

Why is that Matt?

Coin flip.

I’d rather be home tonight & hope there is no game tomorrow. I know that both teams get 9 innings to bat, but there’s still something more comforting about knowing you get the last shot if you need it. Maybe we’ll make UF figure out a way to score 5-6 runs in B9 to force an elimination game.

It all worked out about right.