We are wishing now it was Norvell

The football gods have abandoned us. After 30 yrs. I’m about to finally convert to LSU


Well… Bye.


And goodbye

Let’s get the drama in check, people. We need to wait for the actual hire.

2 of the 3 likely candidates have their teams in the top 25. The other is a guy who is all hog.

I feel like we’ve upgraded from where we were no matter which one is hired.

As for me I’ll breath my last breath as a Razorback fan. It’s in my DNA. Win, lose or draw

But that’s just me.


I appreciate you trying to change your loyalty. However, we are who we are…cannot hide from genetics.

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I’m a Hog til I die but recently feel it’s a curse.

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Done with the Hogs before you even know who the replacement is. Who says HY hasn’t had his man all along? Some coaches, like recruits, ask for secrecy. I’m not saying that’s what it is, but it could be. I’ve been watching everyone chase every rumor since last night down a rabbit hole
Honestly some of you after the things you’ve said about the team I love arent acting like fans at all. Its cyclical and better times will come.

Should have hired norvell last time. Peoples blew that one

She wanted Kiffin not Morris

Yeahp. She didn’t make the hire

Go get Joe Brady!

So if that happened, would he coach in the National Championship Game?

Yeah! We wouldn’t be doing a coaching search now if we had. We’d be preparing for a bowl game.

You’re assuming that LSU beats Clemson in the semifinals.
I’d say that’s not a sure thing.

The better question I guess, would be would he leave and miss out on the possibility of playing in the championship game?