We are what we are

Morris has some key decisions to make at the end of the year. Stick with inexperienced assistants or make changes.

Isn’t it obvious Starkel should be the qb moving forward. Seems like Morris has a hard time choosing qbs. last year we had 3 different starters, Starkel should have been the starter from the get go this year. if he is not starting next week we’ve got a real problem.

Offensive line is actually a bit better, but still way under par for an sec team. numbers have increased but has talent improved? time will tell if the youngsters grow up into sec linemen. losing Gatlin hurt.

ditch the wild hog for the most part, gosh that was pitiful. possibly use it at goal line, but when the other team knows your going to run and the offensive line gets no push, disaster waiting to happen.

finally called a fair catch on a kickoff instead of starting behind the 20.

i thought defense was better after opening game but they got gashed last night. an ole miss offense that was pitiful against memphis, put up over 450 yards of offense. They picked on brooks all night, missed tackles galore, looked like last year. that might be worst offense we play in conference all year, cringe even thinking about what the rest of our sec schedule will do to us. we still cannot contain a qb with legs.

it will be a huge upset if we win any sec game this year. bowl game looks right now like a pipe dream. wonder how fans will react to another o for in conference wins. and look at schedule next year, we add notre dame.

we better find a way to score some points period. our hurry up no huddle looks like the three stooges scrambling around. we take longer to get the play in than any supposedly hurry up team I’ve seen.

whaley has fumbled 2 games in a row i think. other than Boyd, running back has disappointed. if we’re going young put spivey in.

positive note, yes they made mistakes, but freshmen receivers are the real deal. Glad he is playing them so much, now if they just don’t get killed.

sosa is a stud, a shame we don’t have more like him.

i think going vanilla against ps hurt this team against ole miss. we are not good enough to hold anything back against any team we play. poor coaching decision imho. anyone could see how halter skelter we looked against ole miss.

lastly, how can these smaller schools look so good against power 5 teams and we look so bad? only thing i can figure is they let it all hang out to win. wish we would.

Great post…have the same feelings right now.