We are up to 22 in CFP rankings

actually up 2 from projected computer ranking


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Ahead of Kentucky and aTm. Wonder how the Citrus Bowl will view that? Would be a nice Bowl destination, but Tampa is great as well.

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Hmm. Will be interesting to see what happens if Bama plays UGA close in a loss, Baylor beats OK State, and Iowa takes down Michigan. I’m assuming Cincy wins their game easily. A glut of 2-loss teams and Notre Dame with the lone loss to Cincy.

Final rankings might be:

  1. UGA
  2. Cincinnati
  3. ?
  4. ??

One would think Notre Dame would rise to #3, but you wonder if they’d slide to #4 since it would be a rematch? Not sure that any other 2-loss team has a better argument than Bama. Do they go to #3 to avoid a rematch with UGA? Or, does the committee take 2-loss Baylor (with a really bad loss to TCU) to avoid the Bama problem?

There will be LOTS of politicking going on.

Georgia is going to thump Bama
Michigan will not screw up against Iowa
Cincy will be playing Michigan in a 2-3
And OSU will Finally make it to CFP

UGA 42
Michigan 17

I hope they don’t have to look at a two loss team. It’d be hard to let one in unless there are several. However, I’d let a two loss Bama in over a one loss Cincy if both lose. But I think Ok St and Mich both win.

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