We are tough to deal with

Our D is really good. The fun part is we haven’t reached our ceiling. If we ever figure our shooting out, and we seem to hit key shots when we need them but man oh man when we hit our stride shooting we are going to be scary good. We were a couple of open looks falling in the first have from smoking these guys.

That was a great great tough duty win though. Incredible scene.


The offensive drought to end the first half was mind blowing! There were some bricks during that period of time but there were some mugging taking place that just didn’t get called. There were also shots that looked they were going in and just came right back out like the Bailey dunk a few years ago that went into the net and came back up and up with the spin on the ball. I had never seen that one before!
Defense won depute being killed on the boards! I think the humble pie was needed for Pearl and his players.

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In retrospect, I think it’s sweeter that we had to go toe to toe with them for 45 minutes than if we smoked them like we did Texas. We earned that win last night.


We will never be a great shooting team. This team will always have to depend on gum smelling defense which allows us to get out in transition and use our athleticism.I have no problem with that because the way we’re playing defense right now there will be plenty of opportunities.We took some bad shots last night but we also missed some very very makeable shots that would have turned this game into a blowout. Auburn was very lucky that it was not a blowout.

This game will do wonders for us going forwards especially when we play Kentucky. We now know what it’s like to be in a tug of war for 40 minutes+. We never flinched or backed down, that’s the heart of a champion…




Maybe the way you phrased your post is correct. We have yet to “figure out our shooting”. Not sure.

On the other hand, perhaps we have figured out our shooting…… and we are just (collectively) not a great perimeter shooting team. Streaky (as at Georgia). Opportunistic (as at LSU). But overall, not great. I suspect there is a perimeter shooting ceiling for this team that is just lower than past teams.

Yet we are improving in shot selection. Compared to earlier in the season, we are (collectively) taking better shots now. That should lead to better percentages. We are also (generally) confident shooters, and that will probably continue to result is timely baskets from sometimes “unexpected” shooters.

Last night it was Devo. If he is going to hit some of the perimeter shots he made, then the opponent is just probably going to lose. Yet, if I am the opponent, he’s the guy I’d rather be the shooter than other options.

I hope you’re right, and “the light comes on” at some point and we become a really good shooting team. But I’m not hopeful for that. In the meantime, our current dynamic makes for some frustrating game planning by the opponent, since you never know which Razorback will make the next big shot.


I heard some suggest Muss should play the best shooters when team struggled in late December and early January. A couple of shooters did get some run. But he returned to physical defense. Beautiful physical defense.


yeah I think he realized he didn’t have really great shooters and knew we were going to have to win on defense and transition which he has always preached anyway


I’m not going to argue we shouldn’t shoot better, another three to five points added to our outside shooting percentage would make this team way above dangerous. But, I believe most of us (me included) have a real tendency to forget there’s another team on the floor trying to stop that shooting success. The SEC has the best set of coaches in the country and with that, three things have really evolved the last few years: game planning, talent, and defensive intensity. All of that is geared to shut down offensive prowess and players playing to their strengths. Muss says he is surprised that we don’t shoot better in games (compared to practice) and hopefully we will right the shooting ship. Time will certainly define that improvement or not.


Sometimes we start off shooting lights out then that slowly fades. But defense has stayed a constant no matter what.
Our dribble drives into the paint have gotten better and better going to the rim and passing inside to. Much more in control.
2 good phases of the game that wins when shooting starts to wane.


Muss gave Jackson Robinson every chance to be our shooter but he just couldn’t play D nor was his shot consistent.

I’m hoping the same thing doesn’t happen to Pinion next year. The athletes that are in the SEC right now are very hard to stay in front of. If you don’t have lateral quickness you will get exposed.

On the flip side, when you have guys like ours it makes it very difficult to get around them. Toney and Williams are elite defenders.

A great coach will find ways to build around his players strengths. I hate when a coach sticks to his system even though his players don’t fit it. Muss found out after the 0-3 conference start that defense was what we were good at.


"Muss found out after the 0-3 conference start that defense was what we were good at."

And rebounding. Except against Auburn.


I’m proud he went with the D.
I also think Umede is a good defender. He isn’t as good as Toney but he is pretty good. For Wade it is a Matchup issue.
The shooting from the free throw line is what has improved the most on offense.
These would have won 2 of the games the hogs lost this season.
When it comes to next years crootin class those players are watching and understand now they will have to play defense. Notae is the engine that makes the offense go and J Williams is the engine that makes the defense go!
There not a lot of depth yet! The transfer portal has been good to the hogs the past few years overall!
Notae is a good scorer! Umede should be able to carry some of the offense but he doesn’t touch the ball much. Toney goes out and gets his shots most of the time. Devo is starting to fill the stat sheet up again. Lykes is going to shoot the ball!

If we could stop the perimeter shot off the dribble I would be happy. That’s an inside out or ball movement to a shooter with their feet set need. Coach Muss has said it over and over but some players just aren’t listening. (Lykes)


I agree hogq! I think the first half of the Auburn game is a great example of good/bad shots and how it affects the offense. I actually think we have a number of “Good” three point shooters…when they have catch and shoot opportunities. The first 12 minutes or so of the game we hit several, I think 4 (2 for Umude, 1 for Williams, 1 for JD) where Umude and Williams had great catch and shoot opportunities and Notae’s deep wide open shot off of the pick. We were up 12 and then all of a sudden we had a couple of turnovers and several very rushed 3 pointers where we were trying to shoot off the dribble and over a defender with plenty of time on the shot clock to make a couple of passes to someone else. There were also a couple of possessions during that time where our guards kept the dribble because they had already decided they were shooting the ball. I think we are just a little offensive discipline away from having a team that shoots the three more than well enough to be effective…we just need a little bit more patience and discipline. In the second half we started attacking the basket again and our offense was more efficient.


Inside out is rarely defendable. If you play help defense – and Muss does, in great intensity – that’s the shot you give up. This team is incredible at recovery defense. You see two or three teams around that do that well, but that’s about it. Houston with Kelvin Sampson does that, too.


All this happened just moments after JW went to the bench for the rest of the first half after picking up his 2nd personal foul. :thinking:

What he said!!

Our shooting would be a lot better if we simply choose to have a better shot selection, we tend to put up shots occasionally that we couldn’t make if we were the only team in the gym. WPS

Sadly, without Williams the team plays disorganized. Just thinking about that blows my mind showing the significant improvement of JWill.